Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Morris Twp. ATV Signs Posted

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails volunteers, Ron Gillette, Andy Basalla, Patrick Warefield, Ken Rowles, Gary Halsnik and Larry Mayes installed ATV signs in Morris Twp. on Monday, April 5, 2021. We posted alot of roads to make them legalized for atvs/utvs. We still have alot more to do but accomplished alot yesterday. The Snow Shoe Rails to Trails purchased the signage to get this project done as DCNR said they were not working in Harrisburg and did not have a budget to purchase the signs. So, we moved ahead on our own. Thank you to our membership for your support!! We also want to thank Morris Twp Supervisors for passing an ordinance to legalize these roads so that we may have access to businesses by making some of these connections. Atvist and utvist, please follow the speed limit signs of 20 mph and please keep radios down when passing houses. Please make a good perception so more roads can be legalized.