Monday, September 23, 2019

7th Annual Carns/SSRTA Pig Roast

The weather was great for atving this past weekend. The SSRTA started preparing for the event on Monday prior to the pig roast. Trimming grass, weeds etc around most gates/bollards, perimeter fencing, painting lines at trailhead so there is some form of organization to the parking. Signs placed out through Snow Shoe, Philipsburg, Bellefonte , Munson and Centre Hall. Then the day before the event, cleaning and preparing for the meal. Shawley Septic delivering an added restroom, The Annual ride to Mark's Meat to pig up the hogs, and then Chris Vangor, family and friends prepare pigs for the roasters. Jim Vangor and Patrick Warefield baby sat the pigs all night long. Gary Halsnik won the 50/50 and made a donation to the SSRTA. Thank you Gary!!
So many things go on behind the scenes so we all can have a great meal and event. So many volunteers doing the work for the fundraiser. Thank you all!! Then of course, thank you Members for coming & supporting the event. Without you, there would be no event and trail. We could not have such an event without the help of Carns Equipment of Clearfield, a corporate sponsor of the SSRTA. Thank you!!!

PS: Please look at all the pictures and see all the great hard working volunteers and happy members. Also, thank you to Centre County Probation for the additional help.