Sunday, July 22, 2018

16th Annual Best Line Powersports/Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Chicken BBQ

Another large crowd for the annual chicken bbq. Chris Vangor, family and friends start around 1am in the morning to prepare the chicken for the event. The chicken is always a big hit. So, many great volunteers help out before during and after the event for the love of the ATV/UTV sport and the trail. Mike Getz, CEO of Best Line and his daughter CC had a great day riding their utv. CC was all smiles. Dave Walker and Marty Wagner of Best Line showed off some pretty nice units for everyone to look at and future purchases. Mike Hanna Sr. & Mike Hanna Jr. also attended the event. Of course everyone present were thanking Mike Sr. for making the Bloody Skillet DCNR Trail connection to Renovo and Renovo to Whiskey Springs. The idea to get it in the budget was Mike Hanna Jr. idea and Mike Jr. is looking forward to following up on the idea.
We appreciate everyone's continued support for the event-the long lines kept our volunteers busy serving. Maybe the quickest time of selling out of 400 halves of chicken. The 50/50 winner was Dave Holzman of Valley Atv Club from Scranton. His half winnings amounted to $350.00. Thank all volunteers, Centre County Probation Office, and the many familiar faces and new ones too who support the trail.