Saturday, October 31, 2020

Raffle Winner

Brian Feeser picked up Item # 33 on SSRTA Raffle-Atv cart made by Tracker Built Trailers.

Creek Road Bollard Widened

The Snow Shoe Rails to Trails continued it's mission to widen another gate/bollard yesterday, October 30,2020. It was another easy bollard to widen that we could do ourselves. Volunteers today were Gary Halsnik, Andy Basalla and Larry Mayes. Creek Road Gate/bollard is now 70" wide. Brooks Welding will be doing the rest. Many post will need replaced and new ones welded back in plus safety railing installed at Clarence & Peale Gates. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Widening Gate Bollards

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails widen four gate bollards from 65 " to 70" in 2019. Those were Number 10 gate, Rt 144 Gate, McKinney Run Gate and the north side of Gorton Gate. 

Yesterday, October 27, 2020, we started to widen a few more. Andy Basalla, Gary Halsnik & Larry Mayes widen the gate bollard from 65" to 70" on the Moshannon Community Center Road Gate. Mary Halsnik brought out the grill and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for the workers. We want to thank Mary for cooking for the workers on a chilly day.  We will be working to widen Creek Road gate/bollard soon. 

SSRTA will be hiring Brooks Welding to widen Clarence Gate from 65" to 70". They will also be installing safety railing on the outside edge of gate widening. 

Truck Stuff and More of Bellefonte has agreed to fund the widening of both entrance and exit bollards from 65" to 70"  at the Gillentown Trailhead. That will also be done by Brooks Welding. We will place signs by each bollard advertising for the business that is funding the widening of the bollards. Brooks Welding will be scheduling the work soon for both Gillentown Trailhead and Clarence Gate.

If anyone is interested in funding widening of any of the gate bollards from 65" to 70", please let us know. We will place a sign at the gate/bollard advertising the business or person supporting the efforts. Brooks Welding will be performing any of the work that is to be done. 

Trail Grading

Joe Reams spent numerous hours grading the Black Bear Trailhead and trail to the viaduct bridge. We appreciate all of Joe efforts to make a safe trail. We also want to thank Jim Verost for hauling Joe's machine to and from the work sites.


Corporate Sponsor Signs

 Newly installed corporate signs at Black Bear and Gillentown Trailheads.

Raffle Winner

Ron Bendick and his wife and friend stopped by to pick up the 5 burner gas grill he won at the Chinese Auction Held on Oct. 10,2020. Thank you Ron for your support of the trail and raffles. 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Raffle Winner

Michael Gallaher from Duryea stopped by and picked up the camp fire grill and tripod that he won on the SSRTA Raffle-item # 29.  This was donated by Tom and Mary Neff of Timberline Iron Crafts. We hope they get lots of use around the campfire.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Elks Trailhead

New sign installed at SSRTA/Elks Trailhead by Victorian Signs of Bellefonte. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

2020 Raffle Tickets

The most tickets sold in 2020 SSRTA Raffle was by Rodney Preslovich and the 2nd most tickets sold for the raffle was Jim Verost. Sue Stimer sold the winning ticket to the UTV.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

2021 SSRTA Work Details

 2021 Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Work Details

We will be cutting brush, tree limbs from trail, collecting trash from trail and Snow Shoe Township 

Roads legalized for atvs/utvs. Tools needed-atv/utv carts for carrying trash and tools. power saws, 

hand pruners, laupers. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Meet at Gillentown Trailhead at 9am

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Meet at Gillentown Trailhead at 9am

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Meet at Black Bear Trailhead at 9am

We will be cutting brush, tree limbs from trail, collecting trash from trail and Rush Township Roads 

legalized for atvs. Tools needed atv/utv carts for carrying tools and trash, power saws, hand pruners, 



2021 Bloody Skillet Work Details

May 17,18,19

We will meet at Gillentown Trailhead at 8am on May 17,18. Then trailer our atvs/utvs to the northern 

most trailhead on Bloody Skillet and meet DCNR. On Wednesday, May 19, we will meet at Gillentown Trailhead at 8am and ride our atvs/utvs to the Bloody Skillet Connector Trail and work from this side.

Tools needed: atv/utv carts, power saws, hand pruners, laupers. SSRT will provide trash bags, lunch, soda and water. 

Please advise Gary Halsnik if you will be working any of these work details so we can plan to have 

enough food as SSRT will be providing lunch and Soda or Water. 

Gary's number is: 814-880-9836 or IM him on his Facebook.



Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Chinese Auction Winners and 2020 Raffle Photos

 October 10, 2020 Chinese Auction WINNERS

Peg Board – Boyd Musser
Harvest Candle – Eric Allgyer
Unscented Candle – Rodney Preslovich
LMR Oil Change - Ryan Smith
Tire Repair Kit – Boyd Musser
LMR Oil Change – Ruth Martin
RC Car – Bob Dobson
Charger & Mirrors – Dan Masullo
Air Conditioner – Barry Kellerman
Tire Repair Kit – Tammy Coble
Sheetz Gift Card – Gail Musser
Helmet – Doug Katchik
DVD Player – Tim McCloskey
Rear View Mirrors for utv – Kathy Preslovich
Side Mirrors for utv – Jeremy Muirhead
5 Burner Gas Grill – Ron Bendick
Candle Stand – Steve Beckwith
Wax Warmer Basket – Kathy Preslovich
Crown Royal – Bobbi Bartley
Something for her – Kim Shoemaker
ATV Cover – Jim Bennett
40” Big Screen TV – Troy Hall
Crown Royal – Rod Preslovich
Eagle Picture – Barry Kellerman
Something for Home – Eric Allgyer
Fall Pumpkin – Kathy Preslovich
Metal Eagle – Wendy Smith
Large Wooden Flower Box – Cara G.
Small Wooden Flower Box – Larry Mayes
Wishing Well – Barry Kellerman
Gun Cabinet for 6 guns – Ruth Martin
Wooden Bench – Pam Hoffman

The Snow Shoe Rails to Trails would like to thank everyone that donated items for the Chinese Auction. We also want to thank those that supported the raffle and hope you all enjoyed your thank you meal from the SSRTA and ice cream from Best Line Powersports.

We did see one Bull Elk along the ride with 49 atvs/utvs.

The Snow Shoe Rails to Trails provided a thank you meal to the membership for their support during the past year. Best Line Powersports provided ice cream. A chinese auction was held too. An atv/utv ride followed the Raffles. Thank you to all that came to support the event.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Corporate Sponsor Signs at Trailhead

New corporate signs installed at Black Bear & Gillentown Trailheads. Winters Automotive & Trailers -- Doran and Cornwall Real Estate Group at  Keller & Williams.