Monday, December 30, 2019

Road Closed

Section of Route 53 Still Closed for Slide Repair in Clearfield County

SSRTA members traveling from the West to Gillentown Trailhead on Saturday, January 4th for the Winter Dinner and Dice Run will have to use Interstate 80 to Snow Shoe Exit 147. Then proceed North on Route 144 to Gillentown Trailhead. 

They are planning to have the road open towards the end of January for traffic but this is weather dependent.

Saturday, December 21, 2019


Lykens Market & LMR Tires - 1245 Zion Road,Bellefonte, Pa. 16823
Ph: 814-357-4980 Email: chris@team/
Gas, groceries, MTO Subs,Tire Service

We Are Inn - 1535 Port Matilda Highway,Philipsburg, Pa. 16866
Email:  Phone # coming soon
$79.00 night & up. 10% discount for SSRTA members. Come stay at recently renovated motel while riding the trail. Located just below the Philipsburg Elks Lodge & Country Club.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Restroom Signs

New signs installed at Gillentown Trailhead Restrooms by Andy Basalla.  The trail is asking people to not throw trash into the toilets. The vendor that pumps the restrooms has advised that the trash plugs the lines when pumping. He advised that he may not continue services if this problem continues. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Partners with Philipsburg Elks Lodge & Country Club #1173

The  trail has been successful getting several roads legalized for atvs/utvs usuage from Black Bear Trailhead to Philipsburg. This was done  working with Rush Township Supervisors. The trail volunteers installed sign post, signs at no expense to the township. The trail wanted to connect to towns to help support local businesses in Philipsburg, Clarence, Snow Shoe and in between. So, the trail wanted to build another trailhead for the people in Philipsburg and surrounding areas to load and unload. Executive Officers of the SSRTA met with the Elk Trustees in several meetings to discuss a proposal in June, July and August. The agreement was to  build a new trailhead, atv youth training area, and about a mile or so of trail connecting to Philipsburg Elks Lodge and Country Club. We also wanted to build a small  atv/utv parking lot adjacent to vehicle parking lot for safety. Anyone using this connector would have to be a member of the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails. The membership money helps the trail maintain existing trails/roads supported and used by atvist. The  trail volunteers worked August, September and October brushing, stoning, signing and creating the connection.
Although we have been successful in connecting the trail to Philipsburg, we have not been successful in eliminating the segmented trail around the viaduct bridge. The private property owner did tell us at meeting in December 2018, that they were not resistant to us making a connection across their property at some point. But now we have received word they are concerned for liability and are not interested in allowing us a connection across their property.  So, more work needs to be done for a connection to occur. We may have to look at other alternative routes as well.
Also, if staying in Philipsburg and riding on that end of trail, there is a new motel opening up called "We are Inn" - located just below the Philipsburg Elks Lodge & Country Club. There is also a gas station and tastee freeze for those liking ice cream. The Philipsburg Elks Lodge and Country Club serves lunch and great meals  and would love to have the atvist stop in. Please stay on all trails as they are signed to and from.
President of SSRTA - Trilby Mayes

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Volunteer work on SSRT

Mary & Gary Halsnik performing some volunteer work on the SSRT last weekend, November 3, 2019. 
Mary has been working to enhance the mile marker numbers on the mile marker post. The cold weather has been impacting her efforts. 
Gary & Mary both worked at blowing away leaves around Gillentown Trailhead restrooms and also cleaned around Clarence & Gillentown Trailhead kiosk. 
All concrete ramps were cleaned at gates from Clarence to McKinney Run. 
We want to thank our dedicated volunteers. Sure looks nice out there. 
SSRTA Officers & Board of Directors.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Pipe Replacement

At the beginning of the week of Nov. 4, 2019,  the SSRTA volunteers replaced a pipe at Peale Crossing Side of Peale Tunnel. Ron Gillette, Patrick Warefield, Gary Halsnik, Andy Basalla & Larry Mayes helped with the pipe replacement. Gary Halsnik did a great job installing head wall with help from Patrick and Ron. The existing pipe was totally plugged and replaced with a pipe that was donated by help from Bob Biggans & HRI. We want to thank them for the donation. We were able to install the new pipe prior to the winter season and possible wash out of trail. A 20ft piped was about twice as long as existing pipe so trail is much wider in the area now.

Trail grading

DCNR did a good job of grading Black Bear Connector Trail from Black Bear Trailhead to the SSRTA. Thank you DCNR and the Black Moshanon Crew & also Thank you Andy Basalla, Joe Reams  for coordinating efforts with DCNR.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Piney Rail Riders Poker Run - Clarion

Our friends over at the Piney Rail Riders in Clarion are holding a Poker Run on Sunday, November 10th. If you would like to attend, here are the details:
We are three weeks out from our first poker run! For those that need details here goes:
*November 10, 2019 (Sunday)
*Meeting at the limestone trailhead. When parking lot is full we will direct people to Dave Aaron’s house for parking
*Leaving at 9am
This is a shotgun start which means we will be in groups of no more than 15 machines and each group has a leader. *Each leader has a different 1st stop 2nd stop and 3rd stop. Some of those stops include Woody’s (woodland tavern) and Snug Harbor both are sponsors.
*We will all meet at Cricket Song Cafe (sponsor) as our last stop and final draw for the poker hand. There will be soups and sandwiches available to us. They were nice enough to open that day and time for our club 🙂
*Each group will have a winner, of those winners there will be a grand prize winner.
*There are only 75 slots for this ride. We have around 25 of them filled already. To reserve a slot you must mail in the fee (20.00) or you can give it to an officer.
Piney Rail Riders
PO Box 570
Clarion, Pa 16214
This is a members only ride once we get a few of these done to work out the bugs we will open it up to more people. 🙂

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Update on fallen tree

Joe Reams has advised that the fallen tree on the Black Bear Connector Trail has been cut & removed from the trail by DCNR as of today, October 23,2019. Thank You DCNR Employees for removing it. 

Monday, October 21, 2019

Tree down

Tree down on trail at Black Bear. 
Update: Joe Reams checked out the fallen tree and it is located on DCNR Property. So, he is referring it to DCNR Office at Black Moshannon today, Oct. 21, 2019. Joe did say there is a small trail around the fallen tree that people are using till DCNR cuts the large tree off the Black Bear Connector Trail.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Gillentown trailhead restrooms

Shawley Septic Services pumped out both tanks at Gillentown Trailhead Restrooms yesterday, October 17, 2019. Again, the hoses got plugged from debris thrown into the restrooms, plastic water bottles, wine bottles, beer & soda cans & bottles, plastic bags with garbage in them. $600.00 to pump out both tanks-your membership pays for this service. However, someday the service provider may not continue service and the restrooms may have to be closed. We certainly hope that does not happen. But, we need everyone's help to keep these storage tanks free from such garbage.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

2019 RZR 570 Raffle Winner

Richard Sees of Danville, Pa. - Winner of 2019 570 Razor. Congratulations!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

2019 SSRTA Raffle Winners

Winners of SSRTA 2019 RAFFLE
Raffle held Sat. October 12, 2019 at 2pm
Best Line Powersports, General Potter Hwy.
Winners pay all taxes/ titles/ transfers

1. 2019 Polaris Razor 570, EPS, Engine braking system – Best Line Powersports/SSRTA- Winner – Richard Sees- Danville, Pa.

2. $300.00 Cash – Peg & Eric Brooks – Winner – Steve Tubo – Houtzdale, Pa.

3. $250.00 Cash – Restek – Winner – Kim Ficks – New Columbia, Pa.

4. $250.00 Cash - Silcotek – Winner - Keila Minarchick – West DeCatur, Pa.

5. $250.00 Cash – Restek – Winner – James Boscaino – Bellefonte, Pa.

6. $200.00 Cash – Gary Thull Pools Inc. – Winner – Jennifer Billett – Julian, Pa.

7. $200.00 Full Vehicle Detail – Joel Confer Ford of Bellefonte – Winner – Richard Matis Sr. – Bellefonte, Pa.

8. $100.00 Cash – Safety Today & Tomorrow-Bob Biggans – Winner -Jay Pauling – Montoursville, Pa.
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Newman’s Sandwich Shop – Carol & Marlin Luse

9. $150.00 Cash – Seprish Recycling – Winner – Eric Brooks – Centre Hall, Pa.
$50.00 Gift Certificate – Brothers Pizza, Wingate

10. $100.00 Gift Certificate - Scott’s Pools of Philipsburg – Winner – John C. Miller – Williamsburg, Pa.
$40.00 Cash – Thomas J. Halbleib
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Newman’s Sandwich Shop – Carol & Marlin Luse

11. ATV Winch – Truck Stuff & More/Bellefonte – Winner – Kolyn Mellott – State College, Pa.
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Pletcher’s Beer Distributor – Ted Onufrak
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Carns Equipment of Clearfield

12. $175.00 – Clarence Moose Lodge 1165 – Winner – Tim Goetz – Oak Harbor Ohio
$25.00 Gift Certificate – West Branch Dairy Diner

13. $150.00 Cash – Lundberg Paving & Trucking LLC of Brockway – Winner – Dominic Yoder – Howard, Pa.
$25.00 Gift Certificate – Kephart’s Ace Hardware, Philipsburg

14. $150.00 Cash – Kathy & Rodney Preslovich – Winner – Barry Armstrong – Lewistown, Pa.
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Newman’s Sandwich Shop – Ted Onufrak
$25.00 Gift Certificate to West Branch Dairy Diner

15. $200.00 Full Vehicle Detail – Joel Confer Toyota/Scion/BMW – Winner – Sue Allgyer – Kinzers, Pa.
16. $100.00 Cash – Travis Gheen Construction – Winner – John Shaffer – Greenlawn, NY
$25.00 Gift Certificate – Genna Beer Distributor

17. $100.00 Cash – Pam & Dave Walker – Winner –Linda Marshall – Centre Hall, Pa.
$50.00 Gift Certificate to Best Line Powersport of Centre Hall

18. $100.00 Cash – Mark & Beth Watson – Winner – John C. Miller – Williamsburg, Pa.
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Pletcher’s Beer Distributor – Ted Onufrak
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Carns Equipment of Clearfield

19. $100.00 Cash - Rene & Jim Leigey – Winner – Joe Mayes - ?
$50.00 Gift Certificate to Sheetz – Williamson Insurance Agency
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Newman’s Sandwich Shop – Ted Onufrak

20. $100.00 Cash - Jim Verost Used Cars- Winner – Darin Keslar – Julian, Pa.
$50.00 Gift Certificate to Best Line Powersports of Centre Hall
$50.00 Gift Certificate to Mt View Market Place

21. $100.00 Gift Certificate – Shed World/Nite Hawk Powersports of Philipsburg – Winner – Mike Coble – Bellefonte, Pa.
$30.00 Cash – Marylen & William Dreibelbis
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Genna Beer Distributor of Philipsburg

22. $100.00 Gift Certificate to Saddles ETC. of Centre Hall – Winner – Matt Norris – Clearfield, Pa.
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Pletcher’s Distributor – Ted Onufrak
$25.00 Cash – Central Penn Rigg Services

23. $100.00 Cash – Raymond Tires of Pleasant Gap – Winner – Mitch Albright – East Berlin, Pa.
$50.00 Gift Certificate – Vaux Electronics/Rockin V Signs of Philipsburg

24. Basket of Candles worth $100.00 – Mary & Gary Halsnik – Winner – Dan Truax – Tyrone, Pa.
$50.00 Cash – Central Mountain ATV Association
$50.00 Gift Certificate – Hall’s Market/Subway

25. One half hog processed and vacuumed packed – Mark Meats of Lamar/SSRTA – Winner - Charles Paul – Hanover, Pa.
26. Poulan Power saw, model 2375 w/16” bar- D&W Clearing of Falls Creek – Winner – Krista Tobias – Snow Shoe, Pa.
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Newman’s Sandwich Shop – Ted Onufrak

27. $75.00 Cash – Dwayne Kimble – Winner – Greg Smith – Centre Hall, Pa.
$50.00 Gift Certificate to Hall’s Market/Subway/Hardware – Trilby & Larry Mayes
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Newman’s Sandwich Shop – Ted Onfrak
$25.00 Cash – Cliff Chambers Remodeling of Clarence

28. $50.00 Gift Certificate to Sheetz-Williamson Insurance Agency – Winner – Steve T. Miller – Bellefonte, Pa.
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Carns Equipment of Clearfield
$35.00 Cash – Sheila & Terrance McGovern

29. $50.00 Gift Certificate to Hall’s Market/Subway/Hardware – Winner – Mary Confer – Milesburg, Pa.
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Pletcher’s Beer Distributor – Ted Onufrak
$30.00 Cash – Frank & Mindy Morgan

30. $100.00 Cash – Piney Rail Riders of Clarion – Winner – Ed Lininger – Beech Creek, Pa.
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Carns Equipment of Clearfield
$50.00 Gift Certificate to Mt View Market Place – Trilby & Larry Mayes

31. $50.00 Gift Certificate to Sheetz – Williamson Insurance Agency – Winner – Shelva J. Strible – Morrisdale, Pa. 
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Kephart’s Ace Hardware of Philipsburg
$50.00 Gift Certificate to Best Line Powersports of Centre Hall
$50.00 Cash – Alan Anderson Insurance

32. 5’by8’ Atv Trailer w/tailgate- Tracker Built Trailers of Moshannon/SSRTA – Winner – Scott Richner – Bellefonte, Pa.

Winner of the Quilt made by Mary Jane Peters – Stacy Mann – Howard, Pa.

Last year’s raffle winner of the Polaris Razor 570 – Jim Burnett of Sykesville, MD.

Tickets compliments of:
Grove Printing Inc. Bellefonte, Pa. 16823 – 814-355-2197

All winners will receive your gift certificates or check in the next week or two. Gift Certificates will be mailed by SSRTA Secretary Larry Mayes
Cash Winners will be receiving a check from Matt Foster – SSRTA Treasurer

Thank you all for supporting the SSRTA Raffle and Trail.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

17th Annual Best Line Powersports/SSRTA Winter Dinner Ride & Pine Creek 4 Wheeler's Dice Run

17th Annual Best Line Powersports/SSRTA Winter Dinner Ride & Pine Creek 4 Wheeler's Dice Run

Event is January 4, 2020 - Registration for Dice Run is 8:30am at Gillentown Trailhead. High Hand and Low Hand will pay $200.00 each. Cost to register is:$20.00 which includes your meal.

Meal will be served at the Moshannon Community Center starting at 11:30am until gone or 3pm. Meal will consist of roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, noodles, desserts, beverages $10.00.

Must be a member of SSRTA to participate in Dice Run. However, public welcome for meal and take outs are available.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

2019 SSRTA Raffle and ATV Youth Training

On Saturday, October 12, 2019, Snow Shoe Rails to Trails will be holding it's raffle at Best Line Powersports in Centre Hall. The raffle starts at 2pm.

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails along with Best Line Powersports will be holding atv youth certification training too. Pre-registeration is required by calling Chris Korman or Dave Walker at: 814-237-0897. The youth training starts at 9am. Trainees need to provide their own atv, wear long sleeve shirts, long pants, leather shoes, gloves, eye protection, helmet.

Best Line Powersports is opening all the cabinet drawers, cleaning off the shelves of inventory items and providing special deals and give aways. If you need something, stop by and get in on these deals. Tylor Tressler has worked with Fred Yearick to guarantee special pricing for this event.

SSRTA & Best Line Powersports will also be providing door prizes. Tylor advises he has a Bell Helmet and other items for the door prize table. Of course, SSRTA will have hats, t-shirts, hoodies etc for door prizes too. Door prizes will be givin away at 2pm with other raffle prizes. Mary Jane Peters patriotic quilt will be on display and raffled aroung 2 pm as well.

You must be present and in the facility to win any of the door prizes. However, you do NOT need to be present to win any of the 32 items on the raffle ticket or the quilt. Someone will be winning the 2019 Razor 570. We will be selling raffle tickets at the event on site up until 2pm.

Best Line Powersports & the SSRTA will be providing a free meal to anyone stopping by Saturday untill all food is gone. Some food items, Pigs in a Blanket, Red Skinned Buttered Parsley Potatoes, Sloppy Joes, Hot Dogs, Macaroni Salad, Bake Beans, Pulled Pork, Potato Salad- Jim Verost special Chili - and much more.

Dave Walker & Kevin Ammerman will be providing special deals on new & used atvs/utvs & Motorcycles.
Hope to see you at the event.
SSRTA Executive Officers and Board of Directors

Monday, September 23, 2019

7th Annual Carns/SSRTA Pig Roast

The weather was great for atving this past weekend. The SSRTA started preparing for the event on Monday prior to the pig roast. Trimming grass, weeds etc around most gates/bollards, perimeter fencing, painting lines at trailhead so there is some form of organization to the parking. Signs placed out through Snow Shoe, Philipsburg, Bellefonte , Munson and Centre Hall. Then the day before the event, cleaning and preparing for the meal. Shawley Septic delivering an added restroom, The Annual ride to Mark's Meat to pig up the hogs, and then Chris Vangor, family and friends prepare pigs for the roasters. Jim Vangor and Patrick Warefield baby sat the pigs all night long. Gary Halsnik won the 50/50 and made a donation to the SSRTA. Thank you Gary!!
So many things go on behind the scenes so we all can have a great meal and event. So many volunteers doing the work for the fundraiser. Thank you all!! Then of course, thank you Members for coming & supporting the event. Without you, there would be no event and trail. We could not have such an event without the help of Carns Equipment of Clearfield, a corporate sponsor of the SSRTA. Thank you!!!

PS: Please look at all the pictures and see all the great hard working volunteers and happy members. Also, thank you to Centre County Probation for the additional help.