Monday, October 9, 2023

2023 SSRTA Raffle

The 2023 SSRTA Raffle was held at Mayes Pavilion on October 7, 2023. Thank you Mary Halsnik for taking all the pictures. So many volunteers to thank that helped with food prepared to standing by one of the ticket areas. The meal was fantastic & thank you all that made food. 

Sunday, October 8, 2023

2023 SSRTA Raffle Winners

 Congratulations to all 2023 SSRTA Raffle winners!

A full list of winners can be downloaded at:

The 2023 Quilt Raffle winner was Tom Greek of West Decatur.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Carns/SSRTA 11th Annual Pig Roast

The weather was cloudy and rainy at times. However, the crowd surprised us and filled the parking lot.Carns brought a group of machines down for everyone to look at. The new Expedition got alot of attention. We want to thank PJ from Carns and his crew for coming down to support the event. Kim Corson of Lewistown won the 50/50 and her share was $245.00. Chris Vangor, family and friends did the cooking of 2 pigs and 150 halves of chicken. Some of them worked from 8pm till the next morning. Gary Halsnik, Dondi Smeltzer separated the meat from the bones. Dave Renninger & Patrick Warefield parked vehicles. Beth Watson and  Piper Bartley sold SSRTA clothing, Mark Watson collected meal money, Marissa & Paige Jon Bartley collected money for the 50/50 and sold raffle tickets. We had a great bunch of volunteers serving the food-Mary Halsnik, Kim Smeltzer, Peg Brooks, Rene Leigey, Julie Lutz and Gary Lutz refilling the server containers. It was a surprise to see Andy Basalla at the event after he went through Brain Surgery a week ago.  It was great to see some of our corporate sponsors at the event: Jerrod, Marie & Dean Vosburg from Piney Rail Riders,  Barry Kellerman, Annmarie Fenush & Mike Fenush, Lee Williamson and friends. Eric Brooks and Dondi Smeltzer stuffed the hogs prior to roasting. Bob Harris and Ed Thomas drove to Philipsburg and Kylertown to get the chicken and the rest of the food. Thank you to both of them! The Centre County Probation Office also supplied a few helpers that helped our crew. 

A group of members surprised Trilby and Larry Mayes by dedicating the pavilion in their name for all the work done in past years. Gary Lutz made the presentation. Gary Lutz & Jim Leigey will install the sign on the front of the Pavilion. We were also happy that Mark Higgans & Paul Takac attended the event. We want to thank all the members that attended the event as this time of year our liability insurance is due which is over $13,000. This event helps to pay the bills.