Thursday, April 8, 2021

More Morris Twp Signs Installed

 Snow Shoe Rails to Trails volunteers were back in Morris Township installing atv/utv signs on Wednesday, April 7, 2021. All the signs for the outlying areas have been installed. We still have a days work to complete installation of all signs. We are presently in Hawk Run and ran out of signs. So, we will be ordering more signs tomorrow and will be back to complete the job when the new signs arrive. 

While we were installing signs, we also secured a Morris twp stop signs and Casanova Road sign that had been laying beside the road. While in Hawk Run, a lady ask us to secure one of the signs that keeps banging when the wind blows and it scares her horses. So, we secured that sign as well. 

So many nice people we met and everyone is happy to see the signs installed. Now, we need the atvist/utvist to drive slow and follow the mph speed limits and turn the radios down in the early hours of the morning as some people need to get up early and go to work. 

Keeping these roads legalized is on all of our shoulders -- so please respect our trail/road neighbors so we all can enjoy these connections to businesses. 
Thank you all!