Wednesday, November 9, 2016

ATV For Sale

FOR SALE: 2011 Yamaha Grizzly 450 4x4 EPS,

camo, Warn winch, new Slingshot tires, Snow Country plow setup (plow not included), 2700 adult ridden miles, $3800.00 Call 724-791- 2139 after 6:00PM ask for Scott

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Efforts of all to connect Bloody Skillet to Renovo and Renovo to Whiskey Springs

Remember, the ssrt cannot support any political candidate but we can support the efforts of all to connect Bloody Skillet to Renovo and Renovo to Whiskey Springs. This article was sent to us from Rich Wycoff and I think it was probably published in Lock Haven Express. Snow Shoe Rails to Trails has been working hard to get the connection from Bloody Skillet to Renovo and an easier access to the Bloody Skillet from Orviston. CMATVA has been working hard to make connections from Renovo to Coutersports. Both Organizations have been working together to achieve the same goals of connecting to Renovo from the north and the south. Great efforts by both organizations.

Friday, October 21, 2016

SSRTA Raffle & DCNR Youth Certification Training

The Snow Shoe Rails to Trails held DCNR Youth Certification Training on October 15,2016 in conjunction with the SSRTA Raffle. Ed Kitchen(DCNR Officer from Rothrock State Forest)assisted Bob Biggans, George Holt and Marty Wagner with the training. Afterwards Trilby Mayes(President of SSRTA) presented the graduates a SSRTA T-shirt and their temporary certificates for passing the class.

While the class was going on numerous people were trying out some of the new machines that Best Line had to offer. Mr. & Mrs. Williams (from Mechanicsburg) also took their dog for a ride. Tabatha was taking care of the day to day operations by assisting one of their customers Dr. Hester load up an atv he had in for service.

Afterwards a great meal was provided by Best Line Powersports and the SSRTA. Many members provided a few extras that was greatly appreciated. At one time during the raffle 90 plus people were in attendance. SSRT & Best Line each had a table of door prizes to give away to those in attendance.

Rodney Preslovich will receive $150.00 for selling the most tickets of 97. Eric Brooks will receive $100.00 for selling 80 tickets and Marissa Bartley will receive $50.00 for selling the winning ticket for the razor.

The SSRTA wants to thanks Best Line Powersports and their team for helping to coordinate this event. We also want to thank all of those people supporting the raffle and coming out to the event.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Winner of the Quilt Raffle

Winner of the Quilt Raffle
 We selected Melissa Gummo to pull the winning ticket for the quilt. She is the sister of Mary Jane Peters(lady that makes the quilt).  Well, she reach in and pulled out her own name-and the 90 plus people in attendance said now what is the chance of that. So, she donated the quilt back to the SSRT to auction off. So, It was auctioned off for $125.00 and the money went to the club. Jim Verost was in the bidding war and finally won out. What a nice person to do such a thing. She said that she had a lot of her sister's quilts and blankets and thought that this could raise some more money for SSRT. Sorry that we didn't get a picture of Melissa Gummo but we did get a picture of the lady that makes the quilt each year - Mary Jane Peters - Gary Halsnick just happened to be walking with her. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Raffle Winners

2016 Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Raffle Winners
1. 2016 Polaris Razor – Lynn McCormick, Allenwood, Pa.
2. $250.00 Cash from Restek – Carol Wernert, Clarence, Pa.
3. $100.00 Cash from Eric & Peg Brooks – Karen & Roy Brooks, Bellefonte, Pa.
4. $100.00 Cash from Beth & Mark Watson – Mike Wesaer, Muncy, Pa.
5. $100.00 Cash from Jim Verost – Amy Burd, Bellefonte, Pa.
6. $199.00 Full Vehicle Detail-Joel Confer Ford – Gingrich Family, Dover, Pa.
7. $100.00 Cash from Kathy & Rodney Preslovich – Merle Ammerman, Snow Shoe, Pa.
8. $75.00 Cash from Travis Gheen Construction – Jackie Zimmerman, Drifting, Pa $30.00 Cash from Marylen & Bill Dreibelbis
9. $50.00 Cash from Dave McCool & $60.00 Cash from Bruce Brown – Clyde E. Johnson, Fort Louden, Pa.
10. $150.00 Cash from Lundberg Paving & Trucking – Nick Maynard, Brisban, Pa.
11. $100.00 Cash from Raymond Tires – Hubert Wian, State College, Pa.
12. $100.00 Cash from Clarence Moose Lodge 1565 – Kathy Robbins, Muncy Valley, Pa.
13. Husqvarna Power Saw, model 440E, 16” bar from Carns/SSRT-Rita Comly, Bellefonte, Pa.
14. $50 gift certificate from Best Line, $50.00 Gift Certificate from Hall’s Market – Jim Stine, Howard, Pa.
15. $50.00 Gift Certificate from Dotterer Equipment - $50.00 Gift Certificate from Rock N V Signs/Vaux Electronics – Kevin Struble, Bellefonte, Pa.
16. ATV Winch from Truck Stuff & More – Bryan M. Corson, Lewistown, Pa.
17. $100.00 Cash from Bob Biggans, Safety Today & Tomorrow – Randy Koleno, Clarence, Pa.
18. $50.00 Gift Certificate from Track N Trail - $50.00 Gift Certificate to Sheetz from Williamson Insurance – Jim Verost, Philipsburg, Pa.
19. Stihl Power Saw, model MS171, 16” bar, Dotterer Equipment/SSRTA, Randy Viehdorfer, Moshannon, Pa.
20. One Half Hog from Mark’s Meat/SSRTA – John Andrews, McElhattan, Pa
21. ATV Riding Helment from 234 Motorsports - $50.00 Gift Certificate to Sheetz from Alan Anderson Insurance – Will Seibert, Harrisburg, Pa.
22. $50.00 Gift Certificate to Sheetz from Williamson Insuance - $50.00 Gift Certificate from Track N Trail – John & Amy Girardi, Clarence, Pa.
23. Men & Women Wrist Watches from Island Park Jewelers – Pomula Amaro, Lancaster, Pa.
24. $50.00 Gift Certificate from Best Line - $50.00 Cash from CMATVA – Dale Molnar, Augusta, New Jersey
25. $50.00 Gift Certificate from Dotterer Equipment - $75.00 Cash from Central Penn Rig Services – Matthew Lutz, Allport, Pa.
26. $100.00 Gift Certificate from Bad Boy Buggies,EZ Go, Shed World – Aaron Boone, Julian, Pa.
27. $25.00 Gift Certificate from Steve Seltzer Powersports - $25.00 Cash from Jack’s Snack Shack - $50.00 Gift Certificate from Best Line – Ashley Hagemeyer, Lewistown, Pa.
28. $50.00 Gift Certificate from 234 Motorsports - $25.00 Gift Certificate from Steve Seltzer Powerports - $30.00 Cash from Frank & Mindy Morgan – Timothy Baranak, Clarence, Pa.
29. $199.00 Full Vehicle Detail from Joel Confer Toyota Scion – Jeff & Kandi Winder, Watsontown, Pa.
30. $25.00 Gift Certificate from Steve Seltzer Honda - $50.00 Gift Certificate from Carns Equipment - $25.00 Gift Certificate from Genna Beer Distributor – Chris Onder, Clarence, Pa.
31. $50.00 Gift Certificate from Hall’s Market -$25.00 Cash from Seprich Recycling - $25.00 Gift Certificate from Kephart’s Hardware – Steve Yulick, Sch. Haven, Pa.
32. $75.00 Gift Certificate from Saddles Etc. - $50.00 Cash from Camp Sandstone - $20.00 Cash from Christopher & Constance MacLuckie – Harvey Bumbarger, Morrisdale, Pa.
33. $25.00 Gift Certificate from Genna Beer - $25.00 Gift Certificate from Kephart Hardware - $100.00 Gift Certificate from Scott’s Pools – Chris Cooper, James Creek, Pa.
34. $250.00 Cash from Restek – Walter Allen, Grassflat, Pa.
35. 5’by8’ Atv Trailer from Tracker Built Trailers/SSRTA – Mildred Haller, Snow Shoe, Pa.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

You Could Win This Wildlife Carpet!

This 3' by 5' carpet is donated by Tony Legenstein of Certified Carpet Service and will be a door prize at the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails raffle on Saturday, October 15, 2016, at Best Line Powersports in Centre Hall. You must be present to win any door prize. If you would like to order any wild life carpet, contact Tony at:

Swap N Sell 2017 Scheduled

Mark your calendars!

Swap N Sell
Saturday, June 10
Gillentown Trailhead - Starting at 8am
Food & beverages sold around 11:30am
This event will be open to the public to set up a canopy etc and sell anything you want to sell. Sort of like a big yard sale. The SSRT will try this event for the 2nd year. If it does well, we will have it again. To set up a table, canopy etc to sell items, cost is $5.00 to set up. Please notify events chairperson Lyn Timblin-  if you plan to attend. This will help us plan for the event.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2017 Spaghetti Dinner Scheduled

1st Annual Truck Stuff & More, LLC/SSRT Spaghetti Dinner Ride and CMATVA Dice Run
Saturday, April 29, 2017.

Spaghetti Dinner served at the Moshannon Community Center starting at 11:30am through 3pm. or until gone.

Registration for Dice Run will be held at Gillentown Trailhead at 9am.

Take outs available, Dinner includes dinner roll, salad, desserts & beverage.

SSRT Clothing, raffles & SSRT applications for membership will be available.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

5th Annual Carns/SSRT Pig Roast - Saturday, September 30, 2017

Mark your calendars!

Saturday, September 30, 2017
5th Annual Carns/SSRT Pig Roast
Arrive and ride as you please and return to Gillentown Trailhead around 11:30 for a meal of Roasted Pig.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Day Of Caring on the SSRT

On Thursday, October 6, 2016, Students from Bald Eagle Area 7th Grade Class participated in Day of Caring. Mrs. McCarty supervised the crew to sand and paint the McKinney Run Gate & Bollard on the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails. The students also shoveled and swept the concrete approach. Lunch time was spent across the Black Moshannon Creek near the Old Johnson & Morgan Camp. Jack Miller & Larry Mayes assisted with the work detail. Thank you to Mrs. McCarty and the students for helping maintain our trail. 

View photos from this event, click here.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Best Line Powersports Open Houses: October 15th

Update on the Best Line Powersports Open Houses from Fred Yearick Jr., Regional Manager Powersports.
The Best Line Powersports Open Houses will be October 15 (Centre Hall 9am-2pm, Muncy 9am-3pm, Towanda 7am-3pm). I am sure most of you are aware of the Centre Hall day due to the RZR giveaway, but just in case some may live closer to our Muncy or Towanda locations, they too will be having Open houses that day.
Centre Hall has Youth ATV training and Muncy (brand new building and location) has Youth Snowmobile training, please preregister for each.
As usual, there will be free food and beverage provided.
And special pricing on a wide variety of items the day of the event.
Thank you and your clubs for your continued support of Best Line!
We look forward to seeing you on the 15th.
Fred Yearick Jr., Regional Manager Powersports

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Some Events Scheduled For 2017

Mark your calendars!

Saturday, January 21, 2017
14th Annual Best Line Powersports/SSRT Winter Dinner Ride & CMATVA Dice Run

Saturday, July 15,2017
15th Annual Best Line Powersports/SSRT Chicken BBQ

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Help needed to pass landowner liability bill HB 544.

We all have been working hard to get this bill passed through the Pa. House. Well, with the help of a lot of our representatives, including Mike Hanna, the bill was passed in the House in April 2016.
This liability bill has laid in the Pa. Senate since then. So, we need your help to contact your local Pa. State Senators too bring this bill up for a vote.
Senator Yaw is chair person in the Senate and the other Senators need to bring it to his attention to bring it up for a vote.
Local people of Centre County can contact Jake Corman's Office in Bellefonte at 814-355-0477 and ask Senator Corman to support this bill and bring it up for a vote.
We need this bill passed to help get trail extensions on private property. This bill protects the private landowner.
If this bill does not get voted on in the next couple weeks, it will be returned to Congress. So, please act right away.
Thank you all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

4th Annual Carns-SSRT Pig Roast

Kurt Climie and the Carns crew pulled in early for the event, bringing along a great selection of atvs-utvs for display and demo. They also brought along a few baskets to raffle off from Been Kind Winery. They donated the baskets and all proceeds will be donated to the SSRT. The Centre County Probation Office also supplied some much needed helpers too. Chris, Kyle, Jim Vangor did a wonderful job cooking the hogs. Andy Basalla also helped to watch them over night. Eric Brooks did a nice job stitching them up after Kyle stuff the hogs. Thank you Gary Halsnick, Lyn Timblin, Mark Watson for helping step up and get the pigs cut up in the absence of Carole & Charles Jensen. Great turnout and support for the event and the trail. Thank you to all the other volunteers that helped make this event a success. Without all of you, there would be no trail.

Steve Seltzer Powersports is Hiring!!!!

Steve Seltzer Powersports is Hiring!!!!
Please excuse the interruption, but I would like to do some networking today!
Finding good employees has never been more difficult, and right now I need a few of them!
The positions that we are currently recruiting for include:
Salesperson to sell motorcycles, ATVs, side-by-sides, and scooters.
Title Clerk (detail oriented person to handle all of the paperwork associated with the sale of these products who can also sell extended warranties, GAP insurance, other back-end products, and handle the title work with the state. This position could be part time or full time.)
Accounting / Business Manager (part time position or full time if combined with the title clerk position above. This is another detail oriented person who would do all of the internal accounting- payables, receivables, bank deposits, etc. This position would be great for someone with a finance or accounting background or even a retiree with an accounting background who would still like to stay active but may not want to work full time.)
Service Technicians (someone experienced in the repair of what we sell. If they have service experience with auto or truck those skills are somewhat transferrable, but experience with power sports is a plus.)
If you know someone who might be looking for a new position, and they have any of the above skills or interests, and you think they would make a good addition to our team, would you let me know so that I might contact them? Or feel free to let them know that we are looking for a few good people.
Either way, your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time!

Monday, September 12, 2016

FOR SALE: 2016 cfmotto

Attention Members
FOR SALE: 2016 cfmotto
495 miles lot of extras need to sell . $7,800 have windshield put on mud flares and box in back call Terry Donahey at: 814-359-3368.

Friday, August 19, 2016

FOR SALE: 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe 4x4. 5.3L engine

FOR SALE: 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe 4x4. 5.3L engine
159,000 miles. Runs great. Inspected until June 2017.
Leather interior. 3rd row seats. Tow package. Regularly serviced.
Located in Morrisdale.
Clean Title In Hand
Asking $4900.00 OBO

If interested, please contact:
Call/Text 814-574-4471

Monday, August 15, 2016

Can Am ATV For Sale

Attention Members:

Thursday, August 11, 2016

SSRT Gives Back

The Snow Shoe Rails to Trails believes in providing back to the community functions that support us. Of course there is not enough funds to provide to everyone but we do our best each year. The Snow Shoe Rails to Trails has donated to the following organizations during the past year and we thank the communities for their support.
Cooper Township Sportsmans Club
Three Points Sportsmans Club
Moshannon Community Center
Winburne Fire Company
Grassflat Fire Company
Centre County YMCA
Multiple Sclerosis Society-Keystone Country Ride(Steve Seltzer Powersoorts)
BMC-Relay for Life
Grange Fair(Truck & ATV Pulls)

George Holt (center) from Snow Shoe Rails to Trails presented Grassflat Volunteer Fire Company with a generous donation their meeting recently. Also pictured are Joel Michaels, Vice President (left) and Bill Long, President (right).

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

FOR SALE: 2012 Suzuki Ozark 250

Asking $2500
If Interested, Please Contact:
Ted Onufrak
(814) 238-7005

Monday, July 25, 2016

14th Annual Best Line Powersports/SSRTA Chicken BBQ

14 Annual Best Line Powersports/SSRTA Chicken BBQ was a great success. Lot's of people to be thankful for that made it happen. Preparing for the event was Robin Fye, trimming brush and cutting grass. Fred & Larry Linle built new bbq pit and painted lines on parking lot-Trilby also helped them too. Ron Fye family & friends helped to park the vehicles and Chris Vangor, family & friends prepared the chickens. Centre County Probabtion Office supplied manpower to prep before during and after the event. Then, all the volunteers handling the clothing, applications, raffle tickets and dinners. Plus all the people that attended and supported the event. Thank you all! We could not have such an event without the support of Best Line and you our support.

View photos from this event, click here.

Friday, July 22, 2016

On July 20, 2016, Shawley Septic Systems came to Gillentown Trailhead to pump out the Romtec Restrooms. As you can see by the pictures, abuse of the restrooms has happened once again. Total disrespect for the facilities and such a shame to those with no common sense who use a restroom for a trash can. Fluorescent tube, branch from tree, water & beer bottles,cans, plastic bags, large pieces of limestone- too large to get out-what a disgrace.
Rules of the trail is what you bring in you take out. Such abuse only makes the cleaning of this facility 10 times harder and more expensive. Should membership dues be raised to cover this extra cost?? Food for thought. This will be discussed and monitored in the future. Maybe some cameras are needed adjacent to restrooms to capture abusers taking trash in. We are all volunteers that maintain the SSRT and this sure opens our eyes when trying to fight for more trails. WHY? When people don't care.
If anyone sees someone carrying trash items into restrooms, please get their license numbers and description of the person and advise any officer of the SSRT. Membership will be revoked of anyone caught taking items into restroom and disposing of them.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

FOR SALE: 2011 Polaris Ranger RZR 800

FOR SALE: 2011 Polaris Ranger RZR 800 with 850 miles. Like new condition. Comes with a 2" lift, hard roof, rear windshield, front half windshield, front and rear bumper. It is a red 50" razor. Garage kept and maintained regularly. Clean title in hand. Asking 9,000. Make an offer. Email text or call 814-577-4514.

UTV For Sale - 2009 Polaris Ranger 500

UTV For Sale
2009 Polaris Ranger 500
Asking $8,000 or best offer.
Contact Ted Onufrak
(814) 238-7005
(814) 238-3195 fax
UTV For Sale
2009 Polaris Ranger 500
Asking $8,000 or best offer.
Contact Ted Onufrak
(814) 238-7005
(814) 238-3195 fax

Friday, July 1, 2016

Bloody Skillet Connector Trail Update

Bloody Skillet Connector Trail Update:
DCNR did a nice job on the connector trail today - Much safer now than before. Pictures taken by Wayne & Gail Stover. 


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bloody Skillet Trail Advisory

Bloody Skillet Trail Advisory
DCNR has posted a section of the connector trail on the side nearest the Snow Shoe Township Road. It will be posted as a caution area between sign post 53 & 54. This is due to the trail eroding away in the center of the trail.
Please traverse this area with care as DCNR will be moving equipment in their today, June 30, 2016, to make necessary repairs. The soil will be loose so be careful and use caution.
The long term plan for this particular section of trail will be to implement an alternate trail design that decreases the grade of tread.
Members, we do not want the trail shut down so "Please be patient & courteous while this area is being repaired."
Thank you all!
Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Officers

Thursday, June 23, 2016

14th Annual Best Line Powersports/SSRTA Chicken BBQ

Our next event will take place on Saturday, July 23rd. Please join us for our 14th Annual Best Line Powersports/SSRTA Chicken BBQ! Meal served at Gillentown Trailhead starting at 11:30am until gone.

FOR SALE: Polaris RZR Seat Adjusters - Set of Two

FOR SALE: Polaris RZR Seat Adjusters - Set of Two

Came off a 2012 Polaris RZR 800s. $50 for the set.
If interested, Call/Text 814-574-4471 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Mountaintop True Value Hardware Has Moved

One of our corporate sponsors, Mountaintop True Value Hardware, has finished moving from their location in town to inside the Hall's Market by the I-80 Snow Shoe Exit 147. The exact address for Hall's Market/Subway is: P. O. Box 295, 491 East Sycamore Road, Snow Shoe PA 16874. Phone number is now 387-6822 (ask for True Value). They will continue to handle SSRT membership stickers at the new location.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

New SSRT Corporate Sponsor

New SSRT Corporate Sponsor:
Laubach Automotive
6370 South Eagle Valley Road
Julian, Pa. 16844
Ph; 814-404-2345
Performs Pa. Inspections, auto repairs and collision
See Laubach Automotive on facebook.
Laubach's is now handling Snow Shoe Rails to Trails applications and membership stickers too.

MS 150 Keystone Country Ride

Please Read - MS 150 Keystone Country Ride
Two weeks ago was the first chance I had to get out and ride my bicycle this season. It’s official! It’s time to get ready for my 19th Multiple Sclerosis Keystone Country Ride that is now only six weeks away! The Keystone Country Ride is a 150-mile bicycle ride here in Central PA over two days in July that raises money to support those with Multiple Sclerosis and the MS Society.
There are a ton of great excuses for having not ridden much this year. It was too cold. It was too rainy. It was too hot. Working six days a week. But I can’t help but wonder if I have resisted getting out to ride this year due to two recent auto/bicycle accidents that have occurred here locally.
The first involved a rider who has done the MS ride with us in the past. The second accident occurred earlier this month and involved Ken Franks, a ‘72 graduate of Bellwood-Antis High School where I went to school. Ken was killed while riding his bicycle just a few miles from our store. I am dedicating my ride this year in memory of Ken Franks.
Both accidents are a stark reminder that riding a bicycle can be very dangerous. But I also realize that the efforts of all of us who ride help so many people with Multiple Sclerosis, here locally and around the world.
My goal this year is to raise $15,000. Cumulatively over the past 19 years I have raised just under $225,000 to help this important cause. The money that is raised helps to support those who have MS, goes to research that includes efforts to find new medications that are more effective in treating patients with MS, and supports patient education which is so important for those who have MS.
Will you support my effort this year? Pledging can be as simple as responding to this email with an amount that is payable after the ride is completed in July. A check payable to the MS Society Keystone Country Ride can be mailed to me at Steve Seltzer Powersports, 433 Sabbath Rest Rd, Altoona, PA 16601.
Or if you prefer to pledge and pay on-line simply click the link below and that should take you right to my donation page. Pledging and paying on-line is safe and secure.
There are more than 400,000 Americans living with MS in the United States. Your support of this ride WILL help to make changes in their lives. Please consider making a pledge and donation- large or small- any amount will help us to fight MS.
Thanks for reading, and for your consideration!
Steven Seltzer


FOR SALE: 2011 Polaris Sportsman 550 EPS Limited Edition. Excellent condition. Garage kept and covered. Always kept clean and serviced. Only 151 hours and 1250 miles. Ask for full list of accessories included.

If interested, please contact:
Kerry Eppinger
Asking Price: $7500

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Members Perform Trail Maintenance

A couple of our members are to be commended for doing some maintenance work on the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails recently. Specifically Mary and Gary Halsnick finished staining the Number 10 bridge where the first work detail left off. They also cleaned the limestone off the bridge and weed whacked areas around the bridge. Then, they did some nice landscape work around the Number 10 Gate and the Clarence Gate.

We want to thank them for volunteering their time to complete this work. It is very much appreciated and thank you for your support of the trail.
SSRTA Officers

Unlimited Cycle handling Snow Shoe Rails to Trails applications.

Unlimited Cycle of Tyrone are now handling Snow Shoe Rails to Trails applications & membership stickers. So, Please stop by and get your membership renewed or purchase a new membership from them. Remember you must  provide them a copy of your DCNR Registration and Liability Insurance to receive a membership sticker. They will also charge a handling fee for processing the application.

Monday, June 6, 2016



Our corporate sponsor, Jack's Snack Shack, will also be attending the event. Various items like canopy, various atv items etc.

Here are some more Items from another vendor that will be at the Swap N Sell -- Simmons electronic spotting scope, Bullet or Arrow, Chronograph for checking speeds, Metal throwing horse shoes (like quoit's) ,vintage New York R.R. lantern, (3) chain saw cases, laminating machine, electric compound miter saw, single screw on propane burner, hard gun case(plastic), Longaberger Baskets, bench seat- all but new for a Polaris RZR with 3 harnesses (2) adults and center (1) for a child, 2 propane lanterns, ATV tires 25x12x9. Two rims and tires mounted for Honda 250 Trx Fourtrax. Some tools, Misc. Parts for RZR and Honda. Small Instant Tent. Air mattress ,Folding cots. Plus ?????

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Camper For Sale

Camper For Sale: 2015 Premier Ultra Lite by Bullet (Keystone manufacturer)
If interested, contact: Donna Robine at:
or ph: 1-800-843-9068
36ft with double slide
Enclosed underbelly
2” pipe off of furnace with forced air into underbelly (heated floors)
CD/DVD/AM/FM/MP3 stereo
Flat screen TV on swivel arm
Pass thru storage with “slam latch” doors
8 cu ft refrigerator with separate freezer
LED puck ceiling lights
Electric adjustable auwing
Stor – mor dinette drawers
Mullion doors
Laundry chute in mater bedroom
Frameless tinted windows
Tri-fold sofa
Slide outs are 36” deep (3ft)
Power tong jack
13.5 quick cool AC unit
Full length rain gutters and 4” drip spouts
Inside kitchen has double bowl sink with pull down sprayer
Oven/four burner stove and microwave
Pantry in kitchen area as well as many cabinets for storage for pots
Cabinets above couch
Bunk house has separate cabinetry and hookup for TV
Bathroom all in one room has tub/shower…full sink and commode
Two doors to access the unit, one door enters into the body of the camper second door enters directly into the bathroom
Outside kitchen has sink with hot/cold running water, three burner stove, fridge/freezer and cabinet and drawer for storage
Outside shower on back of camper
Outside grill at the bumper of the camper
Upgraded queen size mattress
Beautiful camper purchased in June of 2014 directly from production used about 6 to 8 times….like new condition. Need to sell due to family health reasons…nothing wrong with unit!!
Asking price is $28,000 neg.

Sell and Swap day

Sell and Swap day
Gillentown Trailhead
Starting 8am -- ??
Saturday, June 18, 2016

Scot Maneval is bringing a large enclosed trailer with just about all atv and utv new parts and tires and wheels accessories all good stuff.

Best Line Powersports, Carns Equipment, Dotterer Equipment, Nittany Valley Customs, Truck Stuff & More, Bad Boy Toys/Scott's Pools will all have new and used parts, atvs, utvs for sale. Plan for the new event and come join in the fun.

SSRT will have applications for membership, clothing for sale and a few items to eat, plus raffle tickets too.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Matt Foster and Associates
654 Lochlomond Road
Philipsburg, Pa. 16866

Ph: 814-343-6736

For all your public accountant needs.

Bloody Skillet Trail Notice

Bloody Skillet Trail
DCNR - Bob Fitterling advised that the main trail of the Bloody Skillet will be renumbered for the opening of the 2016 Memorial Day Weekend. The connector numbers will remain the same.

Please recycling all old Bloody Skillet Maps and you can request maps from DCNR and they should be available in the next week or so. The Snow Shoe Rails to Trails will have the new maps at our events for those of you wanting to get them there. We will also be distributing the maps to some of our corporate sponsors handling applications as soon as we receive some.

Thank you and enjoy a safe riding season.
SSRTA Officers

Friday, May 20, 2016

DCNR Youth Certification Training

DCNR Youth Certification Training

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails & Carns Equipment held DCNR Youth Certification Training on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Bob Biggans & George Holt provided the training. Scott Ishman & Eric Tracy (DCNR Officers from Black Moshannon State Forest also participated in the training). Kurt Climie provided atv demonstrations and Christian provided the hands on pre-ride inspection for the atvs. Justin Carns and his staff provided a great meal along with a few things made by Trilby Mayes - President of the SSRT. Trilby also provided all the participants a SSRT t-shirt at the end of the training along with the temporary safety certificate. We want to thank Carns Equipment and all their staff that helped with the training and meal for the event. Congratulations to all the participants - now they can ride the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails and any DCNR trail with their parents.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Toy Hauler For Sale

Attention Members:
Toy Hauler For Sale
2009 Cruiser Fun Finder RV for sale: Great for Harley vacations. I'm asking $12,000 Excellent condition (new tires, wheels, wheel bearings and battery)
Contact: John Skinner 610-587-1808 

Monday, May 16, 2016

New Corporate Sponsor - Unlimited Cycle Center

New corporate sponsor.

Unlimited Cycle Center
110 Rossman Road
Tyrone, Pa. 16686

Ph: 814-684-0956
Web site:

Parts, Sales & Service for Polaris, Can Am, Yamaha

Thursday, April 14, 2016

SSRT Bollard Widening - Brooks Welding - April 14th

Brooks Welding finished widening the gate/bollards at Gorton and Peale Crossing today. So, all the gates on the trail are now 65" wide. Thank you members for your patience and a big thank you to Roy & Karen Brook's crew.

SSRT Bollard Widening - Brooks Welding

April 13, 2016
Brooks Welding has completed widening of the following gate/bollards today. Tarman Crossing and McKinney Run. The bollards have been widen to 65". They are working on Gorton Crossing now and will continue to Peale Crossing tomorrow. Members, Thank you all for your patience.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

FOR SALE: Camp off of Gorton Rd in Moshannon Pa.

Camp For Sale: Camp off of Gorton Rd in Moshannon Pa.
3 Bedroom / 1 Bath Camp
16 Acres
900 sq ft living room/great room
Located off of Gorton Rd in Moshannon
Easy LEGAL access to SSRTA in just minutes
Approx 500 feet of Trout Stream frontage on Black Moshannon
Elevated hunting blind included
Small garage capable of 2 - side by sides or 4 - 4 wheelers
Most furniture included
Selling Price - $185k

Jason Vaux

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Open House at Steve Seltzer Powersports

Steve Seltzer Powersports is having an open house today, April 12 through April 16 - 9am -5pm.

Friday, April 8, 2016

For Sale: Used 2 child bench seat for any UTV

For Sale:
Used 2 child bench seat for any UTV but the mount is currently setup to fit a Polaris Rzr Bed exactly into the factory oem Lock and Ride system. It can be altered easily but it's plug and play for the rzr. At least the body style equivalent to 2012 Rzr 800S.
Included are the Crow 4 point child harnesses. This setup has been fantastic for our 2 boys and everyone on the trail stops us to check it out and has been super impressed. It has made our atv riding a true family experience but the boys are getting older and we're going to a 2nd sxs.
Contact if interested:
Josh Hinkle

Updates From ill MacIntyre Chevrolet/Buick of Lock Haven and Dotterer Equipment of Mill Hall

News and updates from a couple of our corporate sponsors - Bill MacIntyre Chevrolet/Buick of Lock Haven and Dotterer Equipment of Mill Hall.

Visited one of the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails corporate sponsors, Bill MacIntyre Chevrolet/Buick of Lock Haven. We needed to get some free service done - oil change & a few odds and ends for repairs. Met Todd at the Service counter and he politely sign me in for some quick service. Also met a new salesperson Russ Robbins - 518-542-7133 or I like what he states on his business card - I would appreciate the chance to provide you a different kind of car-buying experience. Very nice person and if interested in a new Chevrolet or Buick, stop by and see Russ or Nick.

Remember Members of the SSRT - Support those that support us and our recreation.

Visited Dotterer Equipment of Mill Hall, another fine corporate sponsor of the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails. Had a nice talk with Michael and some of his cousins and his mom. If you are looking for a Honda atv, utv, Kubota Tractor, Lawnmower, or outdoor furnace- well they have it. One of the nicest showrooms I have seen. They are getting ready for their open house on April 15 - 7:30am - 5pm & April 16- 7:30am - 1pm. 2016.

On Friday, April 15 - there will be a free pancake breakfast served from 8am to1pm at the Mill Hall store.

Members, remember to stop by and support those that support us and our recreation.