Wednesday, July 27, 2022

20th Annual Best Line Powersports-SSRTA Chicken BBQ

Chris Vangor, family and friends got up in the early morning hours to prepare the chicken for 11:30 serving. So many compliments of how good the chicken was and yes it was delicious. Mike Getz-ceo of Best Line was on vacation so Steve Marcus-manger of the Muncy Store presented a 20 year partnership plaque to the SSRTA.  The SSRTA presented Jackets to Jon Bartley and Marty Wagner and gave Steve Marcus a jacket for Mike. Thank you all that came out and supported the event. People started arriving on Wednesday to get their spots for the weekend. The extreme heat was tough to work through. We want to thank Patrick Warefield and Dave Renninger for handling the parking-yes they did a good job squeezing everyone in. We also appreciated Cogan's Ice as it went over well with the hot weather. Thank you to all the volunteers that pitch in handling clothing, applications, raffles, meals to providing direction to the servers. It was a great event and a good time to talk with other members from various places. Thank you to Mike Guzzi for getting us the drone shots