Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Efforts of all to connect Bloody Skillet to Renovo and Renovo to Whiskey Springs

Remember, the ssrt cannot support any political candidate but we can support the efforts of all to connect Bloody Skillet to Renovo and Renovo to Whiskey Springs. This article was sent to us from Rich Wycoff and I think it was probably published in Lock Haven Express. Snow Shoe Rails to Trails has been working hard to get the connection from Bloody Skillet to Renovo and an easier access to the Bloody Skillet from Orviston. CMATVA has been working hard to make connections from Renovo to Coutersports. Both Organizations have been working together to achieve the same goals of connecting to Renovo from the north and the south. Great efforts by both organizations.

Friday, October 21, 2016

SSRTA Raffle & DCNR Youth Certification Training

The Snow Shoe Rails to Trails held DCNR Youth Certification Training on October 15,2016 in conjunction with the SSRTA Raffle. Ed Kitchen(DCNR Officer from Rothrock State Forest)assisted Bob Biggans, George Holt and Marty Wagner with the training. Afterwards Trilby Mayes(President of SSRTA) presented the graduates a SSRTA T-shirt and their temporary certificates for passing the class.

While the class was going on numerous people were trying out some of the new machines that Best Line had to offer. Mr. & Mrs. Williams (from Mechanicsburg) also took their dog for a ride. Tabatha was taking care of the day to day operations by assisting one of their customers Dr. Hester load up an atv he had in for service.

Afterwards a great meal was provided by Best Line Powersports and the SSRTA. Many members provided a few extras that was greatly appreciated. At one time during the raffle 90 plus people were in attendance. SSRT & Best Line each had a table of door prizes to give away to those in attendance.

Rodney Preslovich will receive $150.00 for selling the most tickets of 97. Eric Brooks will receive $100.00 for selling 80 tickets and Marissa Bartley will receive $50.00 for selling the winning ticket for the razor.

The SSRTA wants to thanks Best Line Powersports and their team for helping to coordinate this event. We also want to thank all of those people supporting the raffle and coming out to the event.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Winner of the Quilt Raffle

Winner of the Quilt Raffle
 We selected Melissa Gummo to pull the winning ticket for the quilt. She is the sister of Mary Jane Peters(lady that makes the quilt).  Well, she reach in and pulled out her own name-and the 90 plus people in attendance said now what is the chance of that. So, she donated the quilt back to the SSRT to auction off. So, It was auctioned off for $125.00 and the money went to the club. Jim Verost was in the bidding war and finally won out. What a nice person to do such a thing. She said that she had a lot of her sister's quilts and blankets and thought that this could raise some more money for SSRT. Sorry that we didn't get a picture of Melissa Gummo but we did get a picture of the lady that makes the quilt each year - Mary Jane Peters - Gary Halsnick just happened to be walking with her. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

2016 Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Raffle Winners

2016 Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Raffle Winners
1. 2016 Polaris Razor – Lynn McCormick, Allenwood, Pa.
2. $250.00 Cash from Restek – Carol Wernert, Clarence, Pa.
3. $100.00 Cash from Eric & Peg Brooks – Karen & Roy Brooks, Bellefonte, Pa.
4. $100.00 Cash from Beth & Mark Watson – Mike Wesaer, Muncy, Pa.
5. $100.00 Cash from Jim Verost – Amy Burd, Bellefonte, Pa.
6. $199.00 Full Vehicle Detail-Joel Confer Ford – Gingrich Family, Dover, Pa.
7. $100.00 Cash from Kathy & Rodney Preslovich – Merle Ammerman, Snow Shoe, Pa.
8. $75.00 Cash from Travis Gheen Construction – Jackie Zimmerman, Drifting, Pa $30.00 Cash from Marylen & Bill Dreibelbis
9. $50.00 Cash from Dave McCool & $60.00 Cash from Bruce Brown – Clyde E. Johnson, Fort Louden, Pa.
10. $150.00 Cash from Lundberg Paving & Trucking – Nick Maynard, Brisban, Pa.
11. $100.00 Cash from Raymond Tires – Hubert Wian, State College, Pa.
12. $100.00 Cash from Clarence Moose Lodge 1565 – Kathy Robbins, Muncy Valley, Pa.
13. Husqvarna Power Saw, model 440E, 16” bar from Carns/SSRT-Rita Comly, Bellefonte, Pa.
14. $50 gift certificate from Best Line, $50.00 Gift Certificate from Hall’s Market – Jim Stine, Howard, Pa.
15. $50.00 Gift Certificate from Dotterer Equipment - $50.00 Gift Certificate from Rock N V Signs/Vaux Electronics – Kevin Struble, Bellefonte, Pa.
16. ATV Winch from Truck Stuff & More – Bryan M. Corson, Lewistown, Pa.
17. $100.00 Cash from Bob Biggans, Safety Today & Tomorrow – Randy Koleno, Clarence, Pa.
18. $50.00 Gift Certificate from Track N Trail - $50.00 Gift Certificate to Sheetz from Williamson Insurance – Jim Verost, Philipsburg, Pa.
19. Stihl Power Saw, model MS171, 16” bar, Dotterer Equipment/SSRTA, Randy Viehdorfer, Moshannon, Pa.
20. One Half Hog from Mark’s Meat/SSRTA – John Andrews, McElhattan, Pa
21. ATV Riding Helment from 234 Motorsports - $50.00 Gift Certificate to Sheetz from Alan Anderson Insurance – Will Seibert, Harrisburg, Pa.
22. $50.00 Gift Certificate to Sheetz from Williamson Insuance - $50.00 Gift Certificate from Track N Trail – John & Amy Girardi, Clarence, Pa.
23. Men & Women Wrist Watches from Island Park Jewelers – Pomula Amaro, Lancaster, Pa.
24. $50.00 Gift Certificate from Best Line - $50.00 Cash from CMATVA – Dale Molnar, Augusta, New Jersey
25. $50.00 Gift Certificate from Dotterer Equipment - $75.00 Cash from Central Penn Rig Services – Matthew Lutz, Allport, Pa.
26. $100.00 Gift Certificate from Bad Boy Buggies,EZ Go, Shed World – Aaron Boone, Julian, Pa.
27. $25.00 Gift Certificate from Steve Seltzer Powersports - $25.00 Cash from Jack’s Snack Shack - $50.00 Gift Certificate from Best Line – Ashley Hagemeyer, Lewistown, Pa.
28. $50.00 Gift Certificate from 234 Motorsports - $25.00 Gift Certificate from Steve Seltzer Powerports - $30.00 Cash from Frank & Mindy Morgan – Timothy Baranak, Clarence, Pa.
29. $199.00 Full Vehicle Detail from Joel Confer Toyota Scion – Jeff & Kandi Winder, Watsontown, Pa.
30. $25.00 Gift Certificate from Steve Seltzer Honda - $50.00 Gift Certificate from Carns Equipment - $25.00 Gift Certificate from Genna Beer Distributor – Chris Onder, Clarence, Pa.
31. $50.00 Gift Certificate from Hall’s Market -$25.00 Cash from Seprich Recycling - $25.00 Gift Certificate from Kephart’s Hardware – Steve Yulick, Sch. Haven, Pa.
32. $75.00 Gift Certificate from Saddles Etc. - $50.00 Cash from Camp Sandstone - $20.00 Cash from Christopher & Constance MacLuckie – Harvey Bumbarger, Morrisdale, Pa.
33. $25.00 Gift Certificate from Genna Beer - $25.00 Gift Certificate from Kephart Hardware - $100.00 Gift Certificate from Scott’s Pools – Chris Cooper, James Creek, Pa.
34. $250.00 Cash from Restek – Walter Allen, Grassflat, Pa.
35. 5’by8’ Atv Trailer from Tracker Built Trailers/SSRTA – Mildred Haller, Snow Shoe, Pa.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

You Could Win This Wildlife Carpet!

This 3' by 5' carpet is donated by Tony Legenstein of Certified Carpet Service and will be a door prize at the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails raffle on Saturday, October 15, 2016, at Best Line Powersports in Centre Hall. You must be present to win any door prize. If you would like to order any wild life carpet, contact Tony at:

Swap N Sell 2017 Scheduled

Mark your calendars!

Swap N Sell
Saturday, June 10
Gillentown Trailhead - Starting at 8am
Food & beverages sold around 11:30am
This event will be open to the public to set up a canopy etc and sell anything you want to sell. Sort of like a big yard sale. The SSRT will try this event for the 2nd year. If it does well, we will have it again. To set up a table, canopy etc to sell items, cost is $5.00 to set up. Please notify events chairperson Lyn Timblin-  if you plan to attend. This will help us plan for the event.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2017 Spaghetti Dinner Scheduled

1st Annual Truck Stuff & More, LLC/SSRT Spaghetti Dinner Ride and CMATVA Dice Run
Saturday, April 29, 2017.

Spaghetti Dinner served at the Moshannon Community Center starting at 11:30am through 3pm. or until gone.

Registration for Dice Run will be held at Gillentown Trailhead at 9am.

Take outs available, Dinner includes dinner roll, salad, desserts & beverage.

SSRT Clothing, raffles & SSRT applications for membership will be available.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

5th Annual Carns/SSRT Pig Roast - Saturday, September 30, 2017

Mark your calendars!

Saturday, September 30, 2017
5th Annual Carns/SSRT Pig Roast
Arrive and ride as you please and return to Gillentown Trailhead around 11:30 for a meal of Roasted Pig.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Day Of Caring on the SSRT

On Thursday, October 6, 2016, Students from Bald Eagle Area 7th Grade Class participated in Day of Caring. Mrs. McCarty supervised the crew to sand and paint the McKinney Run Gate & Bollard on the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails. The students also shoveled and swept the concrete approach. Lunch time was spent across the Black Moshannon Creek near the Old Johnson & Morgan Camp. Jack Miller & Larry Mayes assisted with the work detail. Thank you to Mrs. McCarty and the students for helping maintain our trail. 

View photos from this event, click here.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Best Line Powersports Open Houses: October 15th

Update on the Best Line Powersports Open Houses from Fred Yearick Jr., Regional Manager Powersports.
The Best Line Powersports Open Houses will be October 15 (Centre Hall 9am-2pm, Muncy 9am-3pm, Towanda 7am-3pm). I am sure most of you are aware of the Centre Hall day due to the RZR giveaway, but just in case some may live closer to our Muncy or Towanda locations, they too will be having Open houses that day.
Centre Hall has Youth ATV training and Muncy (brand new building and location) has Youth Snowmobile training, please preregister for each.
As usual, there will be free food and beverage provided.
And special pricing on a wide variety of items the day of the event.
Thank you and your clubs for your continued support of Best Line!
We look forward to seeing you on the 15th.
Fred Yearick Jr., Regional Manager Powersports

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Some Events Scheduled For 2017

Mark your calendars!

Saturday, January 21, 2017
14th Annual Best Line Powersports/SSRT Winter Dinner Ride & CMATVA Dice Run

Saturday, July 15,2017
15th Annual Best Line Powersports/SSRT Chicken BBQ