Monday, April 30, 2018

2nd Annual Truck Stuff & More/SSRTA Spaghetti Dinner & CMATVA Dice Run

The 2nd Annual Truck Stuff & More/SSRTA Spaghetti Dinner & CMATVA Dice Run was held on Saturday, April 28, 2018. We had a little rain, some snow flurries and some sun and everyone seemed to be happy with no dust. A great crowd turned out to support the event. This is the first time for a spaghetti dinner that we had to use the overflow parking area along the trail towards Tarman Crossing. We knew once we saw the parking lot filled with atvs/utvs, we better prepare for a lot of people for the meal. Ruth Martin & Trilby Mayes did another fantastic job making the spaghetti dinner. Gary & Mary Halsnik led a crew putting together the salads. Beth Watson led a crew to sell clothing and handle the SSRT applications. Mark Watson, Lexie Vangor and Jim & Janet Banfill did a great job handling the dinner money, along with 50/50 and raffle tickets. A great bunch of helpers from the Centre County Probation Office served the meal and cleaned up during and after the event. Barry Kellerman provided some hoodies and a 3,000 lb atv wench for door prizes to go along with SSRTA clothing such as: t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats etc for door prizes too. Mary Jane Peters stopped by to pick up a few take out meals and we were able to get a picture of her with the beautiful quilt she made for the 2018 raffle. Retiring Representative Mike Hanna and his son Mike(running for his father's seat in the fall) stopped by to show support for the event and also discuss the Bloody Skillet to Renovo & Renovo to Whiskey Springs connections. They both feel the connections will be a positive thing not only for the local businesses but for the entire state. Henry Sorgen of CMATVA said in our discussions with both Hanna's - "We are on the same team" working together for the same goals and we appreciate their support for trail extensions. After such a large event and good time, a large cleanup follows and Thank you Beth & Mark Watson, Gary Halsnik for helping make this part of the event go so smooth. The SSRT wants to thank everyone for supporting the event along with the volunteers that did the work. A big thank you to Truck Stuff and More of Bellefonte for their support too! Great job Barry!!

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Rush Twp. approves Peale Road for ATV use


PHILIPSBURG — At a special meeting Wednesday night, Rush Township Supervisors approved by a 2-1 vote to have a 2.5-mile stretch of Peale Road as a dual purpose road that includes recreational vehicle usage.
There were plenty of residents on hand to provide the pros and cons on the matter, as well as others from nearby municipalities and organizations. Supervisors deliberated opening Peale Road for dual usage, with Snow Shoe Rails to Trails providing maintenance and upkeep of the road..
The roadway has been off of the township’s liquid fuels list for many years.

“It’s the best thing we ever did,” Preslovich said.
Preslovich said there were a few complaints in the beginning by residents, but there are “no complaints” about it now.
“If we do have any kind of trouble with the four-wheelers, it’s the local kids,” Preslovich said. “You’ll have that with or without (roads being legal or illegal). It’s a good thing for us.”
In Snow Shoe Township, Preslovich said those using township roads there must be registered with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and a SSRT member — the latter of which he stated was not for SSRT to make money, but the group also requires proof of insurance.
Rush Township resident Jackie Lewis said she passed around a petition and got 56 signatures from residents on three township roads — Coaldale Road, Loch Lomond Road and One Mile Run — who feel the road should not be opened for recreational use.
“What a safety and liability nightmare to our residents and township if this proposed ordinance is passed,” Lewis said. “Why would we open our doors up to something of this nature?”
Chairman Sam Estright also read an email from a person who owns a camp along that area and voiced the same concerns in regard to trespassing and the amount of traffic.
SSRT Secretary Larry Mayes said 20 miles of roads in Snow Shoe Township are used by the group, and they pay over $14,000 in insurance each year for that right. Mayes also said most of the problems that take place in Snow Shoe aren’t actually SSRT members. If there are problems, the group communicates with the Centre County Sheriff’s Office and they handle the problem.
Supervisor Dave Jackson said he’s heard rumors over the past couple of weeks that the township was looking into opening all roads, to which Jackson stressed is “not the case.”
“If we’ve got a road that a person has a concern with — say the road is just full of kids — I’d have a concern with that myself,” Jackson said. “If the residents of that road show enough concern to block that road, putting up a sign is not going to stop it. But it’s going to let them know that we don’t agree with them being on that road.”
Moshannon State Forest District Forester John Hecker said they have an interest in this because they own land within the township. Hecker said he’s supported the SSRT efforts previously and thinks the group is a “good thing,” but as a land manager, he would hope the supervisors would take the environment and other nearby land owners into consideration if opening up any roads at a later date in the Moshannon State Forest.
“I hope we would be consulted,” Hecker said. “There’s a number of things we’re concerned with.”
Resident Matt Chverchko said others have expressed valid concerns in regard to noise, pollution and trespassing. However, he said “this dual use is not a new concept.”
“They’ve been doing it in the Rockies for decades,” Chverchko said. “It’s very popular down south and it’s very successful in West Virginia. It’s opened up a lot of isolated communities and businesses there.”

Chverchko said even if the township allowed access, there will still always be people who drink and ride, trespass, ride illegally and abuse the system, much like people do with regular vehicles on highways. But with the SSRT, at least some of these things should be kept at a minimum.
“What you have now is an organization that is offering to police that, carry insurance and be liable for that, (have) volunteer people and hold fundraisers, have trash collectors and do all kinds of stuff to improve it,” Chverchko said. “I kind of don’t understand what the argument is. Right now, it’s a problem. You have someone that’s offering to give a solution, in return for safe passage on the road. It seems to me like it’s a no brainer.”
Others felt the pros outweighed the potential cons and many that spoke realized it’s a topic that can’t fully be agreed upon.
“We’re not asking for 100 percent approval here,” resident Ashlee Foreman said. “Some people are going to hate it. But a lot of people are going to like it, too.”
When asked if the ordinance could be accepted “as a trial run,” Jackson said the whole thing is essentially a trial run.
“Even though it’s an ordinance, all it takes is for us to say no,” Jackson said. “We can stop it as quick as we start it. And if we see abuse, we’ll take advantage of that opportunity and cancel this out.”
Jackson and fellow Supervisor Pat Romano Jr. then voted to approve the ordinance allowing Peale Road to become a joint use road once proper signage is posted, which was received with applause from a majority attending the meeting. Estright voted against the matter.
“I’m still not sold (on the matter),” Estright said of his no vote.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Trail Grading - 04/23/2018

Gary Halsnik, Ron Fye & Larry Mayes completed grading the SSRT to viaduct bridge yesterday, April 23, 2018. D & W Clearing is also brushing some of the trail on that end too.
Thank you to all the users for going slow in the areas where the work was being done.


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018

Work Detail - Saturday, April 14th

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails 2nd work detail of the season was a huge success this past Saturday, April 14, 2018.
Numerous volunteers headed up various details. Carole & Charle Jensen, Dwayne & Destiny Cossar, Wanda & Dale Hamer, Jeff Moore & Laurie Weller headed their own brushing crews on the SSRT. Mary & Gary Halsnik, Cameron Fye, Bob Harris & James Banfill headed up a trail extension brushing crew. Mark Watson & Jim Leigey led two separate trash removal crews cleaning the following roads: Fountain, Walnut Scotchtown, Birch, Kato. George Holt, Barry Armstrong, Kraig Haines & Larry Mayes led a crew to install railing at a narrowing location between Gorton & Peal tunnel. Trilby Mayes led the paint & staining crew at Gillentown Trailhead. Jim Banfill presented Trilby & Larry Mayes with a new power saw he donated to the organization that he purchased from Dotterer Equipment. We also got a chance to talk with a lot of members enjoying the trail too. We want to thank all the volunteers and the Centre County Probation Office for their help.