Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Flowers at Laurel Falls

Gary & Mary Halsnik spruced up the area around Laurel falls on the SSRT. Gary built 6 platforms for the water to flow over and he and Mary together planted flowers on both sides of the water falls. Thank you to both for your hard work to improve the appearance!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Bloody Skillet Trail Work Details

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails held work details on the Bloody Skillet Trail May 20,21,22, 2019. The goal of the organization was to open up any trails blocked by trees, brush etc. and correct any safety issues like wash outs and report any other safety issues to DCNR,  Bob Fitterling. Over the three day period only one bag of trash was collected total. We want to thank all of you using the trail for taking out what you take in - Great job not littering. 

The first two days the crews started at Gillentown Trailhead and trailered out rt. 144 to northern most trailhead on DeHaas Road. The first day we met with Bob Fitterling to discuss areas needing checked and worked. The third day, the crews rode from the Gillentown Trailhead to the Connector Trail. We worked down the Snow Shoe Side and up over the switchback to DeHaas Road. 

A great job done by all to make the trail safe for the opening of the riding season Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Be safe out there and respect other riders, other property owners. Keep speed down so we can all talk with you again and not about you. Thank you volunteers to make the trail safe!!

SSRTA DCNR Youth ATV Certification Training

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails held DCNR Youth ATV Certification Training on Saturday, May 18, 2019. Eric Tracy & Scott Ishman, Forest Rangers from the Black Moshannon Forest, participated in the training. Snow Shoe Rails to Trails trainers were Bob Biggans, George Holt, Donna Verost, Mark Watson & Dwayne Cossar. At the completion of the training the attendees received a temporary permit to ride Snow Shoe Rails to Trails and State trails too. President of SSRTA, Trilby Mayes presented attendees a Snow Shoe Rails to Trails t-shirt. A meal was also provided to any customer that stopped in and all the trainees and their families. Looking for atv, utv, lawn equipment - stop in and see the selection at Carns Equipment in Clearfield. Thank you all!!