Tuesday, September 29, 2020


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Friday, September 25, 2020

2020 SSRTA Raffle Event

The 2020 SSRTA Raffle will not be held at Best Line Powersports in Centre Hall this year but it will be held at the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Pavilion at Gillentown Trailhead on Saturday, October 10th. The meal will be served from noon till all food is gone or 2pm. The raffle will start at 2pm. The trail will be providing hot dogs, hamburgers, potato & macaroni salad, Jim Verost Chili, Ed Thomas Haluski, Ruth Martin Pigs in a Blanket, Julie Lutz peanut butter cookies and probably a few other desserts,  soda and water or bring your own beverage.  This meal is free to those members and guest attending. 

Best Line Powersports is part of this event by providing a vendor trailer-all members will get one free ice cream. Also, the vendor will have sausage sandwiches to those still hungry and wanting to purchase them. 

Immediately after the Raffle, anyone interested in taking a slow ride can come along. We will be taking a slow ride from Gillentown Trailhead to the beginning of Bloody Skillet Connector Trail and back over towards the Mud Race Track and out to Carlin's old Scale House, down Fountain rd to Walnut st and Pancake rd back to Tennessee Turnpike and finally back to trailhead. Some people have been seeing Elk along this route so hopefully we can see some. If not, just a nice slow ride together. Anyone still hungry may be able to still purchase a sausage sandwich from the vendor brought in by Best Line. Doug Katchik will be the DJ for the event!! Come out and listen to Doug play music during the meal and make the announcements of the raffle winners. Tickets for the utv Polaris 570 and quilt can be bought at this event untill 2pm. 

We will also be holding a chinese auction(see picture attached of wishing well and flower pots donated) Oil change by MacIntyre Chevrolet of Lock Haven, 2 tire repair kits-donated by Amanda and Gavin Neese, Basket by Rene & Jim Leigey and various other items along with a 50/50. No SSRT clothing and no applications will be handled at this event. 

Here are a few pictures taken by the Corson's during the pig roast and along the ride route we will be taking. If picnic tables are all full, please plan and bring lawn chairs so you have a seat. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Trail Maintenance

Andy Basalla and Larry Mayes were out on the trail digging out a few ditches that were plugged. After the dirt dries along the trail, they will break it up, grade and leave a bumper along the side. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

8th Annual Carns/SSRTA Pig Roast

The weather was a little chilly in the morning on Saturday, September 19,2020 for the Annual Pig Roast. That didn't stop the people from coming out to enjoy a  nice ride on the trail and Snow Shoe  Township Roads legalized for atvs/utvs. Many Many volunteers worked the week before the event to prepare the trailhead and trail. Then, the day before the event, volunteers set up the pavilion and gathered food for the next day. Eric Brooks and Larry Mayes did their annual ride to Marks Meats of Lamar to pick up the two pigs. Then, Chris, Kyle, Jim Vangor, Andy Basalla, Patrick Warefield and Luke cooked the pigs over night along with 50 halves of chicken-what a wonderful job they did and we could not do this without their help.-"Great Job" We want to thank Mt View Market Place and Adlers meat market for alot of the food and chicken. We want to thank Marks Meats of Lamar for processing two hogs. Great corporate sponsors. 

The Centre County Probation Office supplies some great worker to prepare and help at the event. The drive thru serviced by Julie and Gary Lutz worked out great again. Alot of locals coming to pick up numerous meals driving in, picking up meal and never leave their vehicle. Jim Verost - vp worked the applications, Mark and Beth Watson sold ssrt clothing, Marissa Bartley handling the 50/50, Eric Brooks taking the funds for the meal along with Peg Brooks helping to serve. Trilby Mayes-Pres. was helping to stock as things ran low. 

We want to thank Gary Halsnik for helping to shred meat from bones and Mary Halsnik for helping to direct traffic away from Drive Thru. Sheila and Ron Fye did another fantastic job of parking vehicles in open spaces in the trailhead and to fill both over flow areas. 

We want to thank "Sam" from Carns Equipment and her staff to set up for the event. Numerous t-shirts-sweatshirts were seen leaving the canopy area. So, their clothing was selling well. Also many people were seen talking to the staff about atvs/utvs on site and how to order. The SSRTA could not hold such a large event without the support of Carns Equipment. So, when looking to purchase a atv/utv, stop at Carns Equipment in Clearfield to check them out. 
Thank you also to the many corporate sponsors that showed up for the event fundraiser and the many members that supported it too. 

A couple of the members even showed us a video of a few Elk seen that morning locally. Hopefully we can see them again on the Oct. 10, 2020 Raffle Ride at Gillentown Trailhead. Hope to see you all then.