Friday, May 26, 2023

New Sign at Trailhead

Jim Leigey, Ron Markle installing new corporate sign (ENEL)at Black Bear Trailhead and Jim Leigey installing the new corporate sign(ENEL) at Gillentown Trailhead. Thank you ENEL for your corporate sponsorship. They are the company that is asking to install the solar panels in Snow Shoe and Burnside Townships. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

New Trail Signs Posted

 Snow Shoe Rails to Trails volunteers posted signs on the Snow Shoe Wilderness Associations property to show riders where to ride to the DCNR Myers Run Road or from Myers Run Rd to Gorton Road or the SSRT. 

We also replaced a speed limit sign in Snow Shoe Borough on Nectarine Road. We want to thank Deb & Kim Wolford for helping Andy Basalla, Gary Halnik and Larry Mayes. 

New corporate sponsor sign at trailhead.

 Volunteers posting new corporate sign for Tri-State Adventure Group, LLC at Gillentown Trailhead. Thank you Tri-State.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Myers Run Road Connection from Casanova Road to Gorton Crossing


May 18,2023

Members of the SSRTA
For the past couple years the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails has been working with DCNR to create a connection from Casanova Road to Gorton Crossing on the SSRT. We were alerted last evening that this connection will open Friday of Memorial Day Weekend through the last Sunday in September. This will allow atvs/utvs another 5 mile connection.
DCNR is still installing a few signs etc and will continue to work on those things after the opening of the connection.
The discussions have pertained to driving atvs-utvs on Myers Run Road and Huckleberry Road to Casanova Road. This entire road will now be designated Myers Run Road. There is a small spur off of Myers Run Road that is still called Huckleberry Road but is not legal for atvs-utvs. So, stay on Myers Run Road.
The other part to this connection was getting a lease from the Snow Shoe Wilderness Association. The SSRT has done so with the approval of DCNR. So, the first one half mile of trail from Gorton Road or Gorton Crossing on the SSRT to Interstate 80 is the Snow Shoe Wilderness Associations property. SSRT will be installing a DCNR atv-utv sign at the Gorton Crossing and another sign adjacent to Interstate 80. DCNR will post Myers Run. Again, stay on designated Road or trail.
Mile Markers are being placed along Myers Run Road for everyones safety and locations. 25 MPH signs have been installed too. So, please respect the laws of the state and travel speed limits. Be respectful to other riders and trail partners. Cameras are installed as well as extra enforcement will be out on this new section. Counters are also in place to check how many people are using this route with atvs-utvs. Please wear your helmets.
The SSRT needs your support so we can continue working to create more trails and connections.
Thank you, SSRTA Executive Officers And Board Of Directors

New ATV Youth Safety Coordinators

 The SSRTA Board of Directors passed a motion to create An ATV Youth Safety Coordinator Chair and Co-Chair position. Those people will be responsible for coordinating all SSRT Youth Training effective immediately. They will be contacting the vendors to schedule training and other related duties with this training.

Beth Watson was elected as Chair
Ph number: 814-387-4445 or 814-360-4896 or email:
Donna Verost was elected as Co-Chair- 814-592-7764 or email:

Monday, May 15, 2023

Youth ATV Training

 Snow Shoe Rails to Trails in Conjunction with Carns Equipment in Clearfield held atv Youth Certification Training, Saturday, May 13, 2023. Bob Biggans, Donna Verost, Mark Watson and Dwayne Cossar were the trainers while Black Moshannon Forest provided two officers to help out with the training. They also distributed maps and other literature to the attendees. Beth Watson helped with the organization of paperwork and t-shirts. Geo's was on hand to provide (the best pulled pork sandwiches) hot dogs, burgers and mac & cheese and steak sandwiches along with a variety of soda & water. Samantha and Geoff Carns came up with a pin wheel idea for the kids so they could win something. Geoff said it is all about the kids. Let's all help them to be better in what they do. The pin wheel held a total of $8000 that could be used towards any new or used atv, utv. The offer is good for 30 days. Each child registered for the training got to draw one Carns card that would have a dollar amount on the back. That amount can be used to purchase a vehicle on top of all the other discounts and rebates. What a surprising feature for the attendees and their parents. 

The classroom training was first with the DCNR Officers making a presentation and question session. Then the ssrt trainers did their presentations and then it was to the outside for the atv hands on training in the field. They all had a blast at doing the varies courses.