Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Trail Notice - Gas Line Project on Kato Road

The Snow Shoe Township Supervisors have notified the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails that gas companies will start the gas line project on Kato Road soon. Expected start date might be May 18,2015 or sooner. Crews are expected to start on each end of the project and work towards each other.  One crew will start  by Gas Line 55 near the Bloody Skillet Connector Trail and the other near the Snow Shoe Mud Race Track. If necessary, at a later date, they may have to start a 3rd crew.

This project is expected to be completed by the end of September 2015.

The gas companies are going to work closely with the Township Supervisors and keep the road open for atv, utv usuage. However, there may be times where the road is narrow and the road may be shut down for a short period of time. However, they will let us know in advance so we can keep the web site updated with new information.

We do know the one section of road on the Bloody Skillet side of the Kato Bridge Crossing is narrow and when they get to this section of road, it may cause some closings.

The contractors are expected to work six days weeks so please be careful & respectful while riding in these work areas.

The township will be receiving money from this project that will be put towards the Kato Bridge Replacement Project. So, we need your help and patience until this project is complete.

We have been promised that the road will be open for this Memorial Day Weekend with no closings.

Please continue to check out the web site & face book for up to date reports. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation.
Snow Shoe Rails to Trail Officers

Friday, April 24, 2015

Steve Seltzer 10th Anniversary Celebration

The SSRT was invited to participate in the Steve Seltzer 10th Anniversary Celebration April 23, 24 & 25. The SSRT had people on site Thursday and will again on Friday. A great time today and everyone there made you feel at home and part of the family. Tamara prepare a great lunch for everyone too.

Soon after arriving a young couple from Ebensburg purchased the first atv. It was a Rubicon-very nice unit. So, they were the first to receive a SSRT Hoodie. Hope they enjoy the new atv and prior to leaving they said that they will be new members shortly. Thank you!

Thank you Steve Seltzer and the team for making us feel part of your team for the day. From parts service to the mechanics, everyone was great. A very nice facility to maintain whatever is purchased.

We also want to thank Bob Harris for stopping by and helping out for a few hours too.

View photos from this event, click here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gates on SSRT

The Snow Shoe Rails to trails has 5 gates with bollard width of 61" and 8 gates with bollard width of 62". We have been getting a lot of request to increase the bollard width to 65". A lot of families are now getting 4 seated utvs and need more room to pass through the bollards and support the SSRT and it's businesses.  

Since we are a family oriented trail, we have decided to widen several of the gates. A motion was made and passed at last night's SSRT meeting to hire Brooks Welding of Pleasant Gap to widen several of the bollards and make a gate repair to another. Once the work  is completed, we will evaluate this year  how the wider gates are working with our membership. Then, if the width is a  successful move,  we will look at widening the others next year.  

The gates that will be widen this year is:
Both gates in Gillentown Trailhead
Route 144 Gate
Number 10 Gate
Clarence Gate

The trail will also widen the bollard towards Moshannon Community Center as time & volunteers permit.  

We are waiting to hear from Brooks Welding when the repairs to the gates can be made. So, we will post on our web site and face book when the repairs begin.
Thank you to our family members that have brought this to our attention.
Officers of the SSRTA