Monday, July 22, 2019

2019 Chicken BBQ

The weather was hot but that did not stop the atvist from coming out and supporing the 17th Annual Best Line Powersports/SSRTA Chicken BBQ. We started serving around 11:30 and by 2:15pm over 400 halves of chicken was gone. Alot of prep work goes into an event this size and it started with Cameron Fye, Andy Basalla & Patrick Warefield, Applying dust control, painting parking lot and setting baracades and cones. Then, at 1:30am Chris Vangor, family and friends do there magic starting to do the chicken. Many, many great comments on what a great job they did-chicken was excellent. Hall's Market did a fantastic job providing macaroni & potato salad, bake beans to Beer One providing the soda & water. Such great corporate sponsors. Carole & Charles Jensen prepped prior to the event. They helped clean coolers, picnic tables, concrete floors and gave some direction too. Ron & Sheila Fye took care of the parking and a great job as usual. So many volunteers handled the food line including applications, clothing, raffles, meals. -- thank you all!! Mr. & Mrs. Haag provided a snow cone unit and was that a hit on this hot day!! Mark Watson did a fantastic job helping to coordinate the cleanup afterwards. A big thank you to the Centre County Probation Office and to Dave Walker and Marty Wagner for attending the Best Line Display and Fred Yearkick for delivering them. We could not have a trail system without your support so thank you all that attended & supported everything at the event. 50/50 winner was Steve Bechwith from Port Matilda.