Friday, August 13, 2021

Snow Shoe Borough Roads

 After several meetings attended by Snow Shoe Rails to Trails and the Snow Shoe Borough Council, we finally got the go ahead to post legal routes to businesses and the Snow Shoe Park and Swimming Pool. A trial period of 6 months is in place. We need to prove we can provide a positive economical impact with limited problems. We are asking all of our members to respect the rules of the Borough concerning speed-which is 15mph for atvs/utvs, no use of radios( shut radios off when entering the Borough-Signs are posted. If your machine is loud, stay away from this route. This route will have access to Brothers Pizza, State Store, Beer One, the laundromat, Laurel Optics, the Snow Shoe House(Air B&B), the Snow Shoe Campground and the Snow Shoe Pool. Please police within your ranks so we can continue to have this route. Be mindful of children as they frequently ride and play on these streets.