Monday, May 13, 2019

Work Detail and Great American Cleanup

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Registered for the "Great American Cleanup" on a project in Rush Township

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails scheduled a work detail at the Black Bear Trailhead located in Rush Township on Saturday, May 11, 2019. The volunteers were seperated into two work crews. One crew led by Jim Banfill and TJ Biggans headed down the trail trimming trees & removing brush from trailhead to the Viaduct Bridge. The rest of the volunteers along with people from the Centre County Probation Office cleaned trash along the trail and highways. Bob Harris led a crew collecting trash on the trail. Mark Watson, Gary & Mary Halsnik led seperate crews collecting trash on Casanova Spur, Casanova Road, Chestnut Street. George Holt, Leroy Hake led a crew in the morning out Coaldale Road. Then all forces joined together after lunch and collected trash from where the morning crew left off on Coaldale Road, and finished at the intersection of Loch Lomond and Rt. 322.  One Mile Road was also included in the trash collection.  The trash was then unloaded at  the Rush Township Building in a dump truck provided by them. Mike & Angel Tressler, and their two sons, Benner & Brooks traveled from crew to crew collecting trash from the smaller carts so the crews could continue the cleanup. 17 miles of highways were cleaned. Rush Township workers will take the load of trash to the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Facility to be weighed and processed.

Trilby Mayes - "Centre County Recycling & Refuse Committee Member" stated, although there was alot of trash collected, 48 bags, 8 tires and a various amount of other trash like Bikes, mufflers, metal items, this was the least amount of trash collected in this area in the past three years. However, she did state one area in particular needs code enforcement to set up a  camera to stop a particular dump site.

We want to thank Rod Fye of Centre County Recycling & Refuse for the materials used for this project like vest, gloves & bags.

Angel Tressler will be making a video to enter into the Great American Cleanup. The video will be posted on the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails web site & Facebook once completed.

A great project to help clean up the area.

Article by: Larry Mayes