Monday, April 15, 2019

Work Detail Photos - April 13th

We had another great day for a work detail on the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Saturday, April 13, 2019. Lot's of volunteers showed up to either help or/and supervise people from the Centre County Probation Office. Several gates were scraped, ground, sanded and painted - they included rt 144 Underpass gate and both at Tarman Crossing. Another group painted the bollards at the loading ramp including the front of ramp, painted around corporate sign boards, and restroom bollards and swept entrance to Gillentown Trailhead. Two more gate bollards were extended-those were McKinney Run Gate and Number 10 Gate. A cart load of trash was collected from Gillentown Trailhead to Clarence up Tennessee Turnpike onto Poormanside Road and up Rusnak Hill past the Mud Race Track. A 20 MPH sign was also replaced. Good group of people to work with doing work on the trail and in the community. Thank you all!!