Sunday, January 13, 2019

Surprise Retirement for Retiring Treasurer, George Holt

The SSRTA held a surprise retirement reception at the Moshannon Community Center last evening for Retiring Treasurer, George Holt. Everyone was waiting to yell surprise as he and Sally walked through the door. George said he started recognizing some of his childrens vehicles in the parking lot as he pulled in and thought there may be something up. But he still was surprised. There were many many pictures distributed around on all the tables of George performing work on the trail over the past 15 years. Trilby Mayes recognized George for all his accomplishments through the years and thanked him for being the SSRTA Treasurer since 2010. George had approximately 16 members of his family attend the surprise. Thanks to everyone for their covered dishes so we had plenty to eat and lot's to talk about. Mary Jane Peters also presented the new quilt for the 2019 SSRTA Quilt Raffle. It's beautiful!!