Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kato Road Gas Line Project Update

Dwain Harkins - Master Mechanic for Union Pipeline attended the May monthly SSRTA Meeting. The Union Pipeline joined the SSRT as a corporate sponsor and also provided a donation to the organization too.

Dwain advised that they will be digging ditches & installing gas lines on the Kato Road on both sides of the Kato Bridge. They will be bringing in a large piece of equipment from Texas to help cut through the rock on the Bloody Skillet side of the Kato Bridge.

Dwain advised that the road will be open for atv/utv usuage Memorial Day Weekend.

The gas company will normally be working 6 days a week and would like the project to be completed by the end of August or before.

The SSRT is asking it's members to be patient with the gas company while they are working in this area. Remember, monies from this project is going towards the Kato Bridge Replacement Project for Snow Shoe Township.

So, please do not climb any dirt banks near the contruction sites as there could be ditches on the opposite sides. Also, please do not climb on any equipment. If you see anyone vandalizing construction equipment, we ask for your help to identify them. Contact Dwain Harkins immediately with any information or if you have any questions about the project. His number is: 330-413-4305. Also, please notify the State Police if you see anything suspious in the area.

The SSRT will also be notifying the Centre County Sheriff's Office so they are also aware of this project too.
The Gas Company will have to shut the township road down in various locations where the road is narrow. However, this should be for a short time, hopefully a day or two. They will notify Snow Shoe Township Supervisors if/when the road will be shut down. Then, Snow Shoe Township Supervisors will notify the SSRTA. Then, we will post any notifications of road shut - downs on our web site and face book. So, please check our web site and face book regularly to keep up to date with the project.

Thank you SSRTA Officers.