Saturday, November 9, 2019

Volunteer work on SSRT

Mary & Gary Halsnik performing some volunteer work on the SSRT last weekend, November 3, 2019. 
Mary has been working to enhance the mile marker numbers on the mile marker post. The cold weather has been impacting her efforts. 
Gary & Mary both worked at blowing away leaves around Gillentown Trailhead restrooms and also cleaned around Clarence & Gillentown Trailhead kiosk. 
All concrete ramps were cleaned at gates from Clarence to McKinney Run. 
We want to thank our dedicated volunteers. Sure looks nice out there. 
SSRTA Officers & Board of Directors.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Pipe Replacement

At the beginning of the week of Nov. 4, 2019,  the SSRTA volunteers replaced a pipe at Peale Crossing Side of Peale Tunnel. Ron Gillette, Patrick Warefield, Gary Halsnik, Andy Basalla & Larry Mayes helped with the pipe replacement. Gary Halsnik did a great job installing head wall with help from Patrick and Ron. The existing pipe was totally plugged and replaced with a pipe that was donated by help from Bob Biggans & HRI. We want to thank them for the donation. We were able to install the new pipe prior to the winter season and possible wash out of trail. A 20ft piped was about twice as long as existing pipe so trail is much wider in the area now.

Trail grading

DCNR did a good job of grading Black Bear Connector Trail from Black Bear Trailhead to the SSRTA. Thank you DCNR and the Black Moshanon Crew & also Thank you Andy Basalla, Joe Reams  for coordinating efforts with DCNR.