Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Clarence Gate Bollard Widened

Brooks Welding widened the bollard width today to 65" on the Clarence Gate Bollard. We will be painting it in the near future. They will be working in the following order to widen Number 10 gate, Route 144 Gate and both gates in the Gillentown Trailhead in the days ahead. Please be patience with them as they are working on the gates as they get free from their other work demands. The SSRT will evaluate this width over the next year and determine if we continue with this project on the rest of the gates/bollards or narrow them up again. A lot of time has been spent planning this project. It was decided to do these gates/bollards first so that people could park and leave from Gillentown Trailhead and travel to eat at Newman's Sandwich Shop, stop by and eat/visit the Clarence Moose and also travel to the Bloody Skillet Trail. So, this project depends on the membership and your respect for the trail neighbors in this area. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. SSRTA Officers