Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bollard Widening

Brooks Welding of Pleasant Gap widen the following gates/bollards to 65 inches on the SSRT. They are both bollards in the Gillentown Trailhead, Route 144 Underpass, Number 10 & Clarence. This will allow wider units to leave the Gillentown Trailhead and travel to Clarence to access Newman's Sandwich Shop or Clarence Moose and to continue to the Bloody Skillet.

These widen bollards will be evaluated for the next year to determine if there is an increase in membership and also if membership follows the Slow Down Area Signs.

If this is successful, the plan is to widen more of the bollards towards Gorton next year. If we do not increase membership and also have people not following the Slow Down Area Signs, then the bollards that were widen this year will be narrowed back to 62 inches next year.

So, it is up to you our membership to ensure people are joining as members and also following the rules of the trail. So, patrol within your ranks to ensure the more of the bollards get widen next year.
SSRT Excutive Officers