Monday, July 8, 2019

Respect Trail Neighbors

Andy Basalla, Gary Halsnik & Larry Mayes installed eleven various signs between Clarence Gate & Number 10 Bridge today, July 8, 2019. We are hoping the signs help keep the speed & noise levels  down. In this one mile area, we have stated that this is a Slow Down, Noise Free Zone. So, all radios are to be turned down while going through this area where the houses are close to the trail.-no matter what time day or night. Also, no breaks along trail are allowed in this area either. Please be sensitive to the trail neighbors.
Snow Shoe Township Supervisor Rodney Preslovich stopped by to evaluate sign installations & wording. He appreciated the efforts of the trail to work with the trail neighbors to help cut down or eliminate complaints.
We had a few vistiors from Delaware along the trail today while installing signs. They were having a blast. Thank you all for your cooperation.