Sunday, April 9, 2017

Work Detail Gillentown Trailhead 04-08-2017

A great turnout for the first large group work detail scheduled for 2017. Volunteers came from as far away as Lancaster, Ringtown to help out with the projects. Andy Shultz's led a crew brushing.  Jim Leigey led a crew collecting trash along Tennessee Turnpike down Kato Road, approximately 5 miles was covered. Gary Halsnick led a crew to install belting on the Rock Run Bridge and Trilby Mayes led the crew to start staining the bridge as well. Jack Miller led a crew staining Black Moshannon Bridge. Although a lot of work was done, both bridges will need completed on the next work detail along with completing the belting on Rock Run Bridge. We also had a grouse check out our project on the Rock Run Bridge all day. Jack Snack Shack provided the hoagies for the volunteers and everyone was appreciative of his great hoagies. The Centre County Probation Office also provided some very good workers. We appreciated all the hard work they all put into our trail. Hope to see another good turnout on the next work detail scheduled for Saturday, April 22, 2017. Please email Larry Mayes at: if  you plan to attend. The SSRTA will be providing lunch and beverages for the volunteers.
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