Thursday, September 22, 2016

Help needed to pass landowner liability bill HB 544.

We all have been working hard to get this bill passed through the Pa. House. Well, with the help of a lot of our representatives, including Mike Hanna, the bill was passed in the House in April 2016.
This liability bill has laid in the Pa. Senate since then. So, we need your help to contact your local Pa. State Senators too bring this bill up for a vote.
Senator Yaw is chair person in the Senate and the other Senators need to bring it to his attention to bring it up for a vote.
Local people of Centre County can contact Jake Corman's Office in Bellefonte at 814-355-0477 and ask Senator Corman to support this bill and bring it up for a vote.
We need this bill passed to help get trail extensions on private property. This bill protects the private landowner.
If this bill does not get voted on in the next couple weeks, it will be returned to Congress. So, please act right away.
Thank you all.