Wednesday, September 21, 2016

4th Annual Carns-SSRT Pig Roast

Kurt Climie and the Carns crew pulled in early for the event, bringing along a great selection of atvs-utvs for display and demo. They also brought along a few baskets to raffle off from Been Kind Winery. They donated the baskets and all proceeds will be donated to the SSRT. The Centre County Probation Office also supplied some much needed helpers too. Chris, Kyle, Jim Vangor did a wonderful job cooking the hogs. Andy Basalla also helped to watch them over night. Eric Brooks did a nice job stitching them up after Kyle stuff the hogs. Thank you Gary Halsnick, Lyn Timblin, Mark Watson for helping step up and get the pigs cut up in the absence of Carole & Charles Jensen. Great turnout and support for the event and the trail. Thank you to all the other volunteers that helped make this event a success. Without all of you, there would be no trail.