Friday, July 22, 2016

On July 20, 2016, Shawley Septic Systems came to Gillentown Trailhead to pump out the Romtec Restrooms. As you can see by the pictures, abuse of the restrooms has happened once again. Total disrespect for the facilities and such a shame to those with no common sense who use a restroom for a trash can. Fluorescent tube, branch from tree, water & beer bottles,cans, plastic bags, large pieces of limestone- too large to get out-what a disgrace.
Rules of the trail is what you bring in you take out. Such abuse only makes the cleaning of this facility 10 times harder and more expensive. Should membership dues be raised to cover this extra cost?? Food for thought. This will be discussed and monitored in the future. Maybe some cameras are needed adjacent to restrooms to capture abusers taking trash in. We are all volunteers that maintain the SSRT and this sure opens our eyes when trying to fight for more trails. WHY? When people don't care.
If anyone sees someone carrying trash items into restrooms, please get their license numbers and description of the person and advise any officer of the SSRT. Membership will be revoked of anyone caught taking items into restroom and disposing of them.