Monday, July 25, 2016

14th Annual Best Line Powersports/SSRTA Chicken BBQ

14 Annual Best Line Powersports/SSRTA Chicken BBQ was a great success. Lot's of people to be thankful for that made it happen. Preparing for the event was Robin Fye, trimming brush and cutting grass. Fred & Larry Linle built new bbq pit and painted lines on parking lot-Trilby also helped them too. Ron Fye family & friends helped to park the vehicles and Chris Vangor, family & friends prepared the chickens. Centre County Probabtion Office supplied manpower to prep before during and after the event. Then, all the volunteers handling the clothing, applications, raffle tickets and dinners. Plus all the people that attended and supported the event. Thank you all! We could not have such an event without the support of Best Line and you our support.

View photos from this event, click here.