Friday, July 24, 2015

Rockview Correctional Facility Community Work Program

Larry Mayes was contacted by Ron Young, a member of the SSRT and Rockview employee with information about the Rockview Community Work Program. Arrangements were made through Wade Renninger, Forest Manager for Doug Sampsell the Safety Officer to tour the trail site for approval. Tim Capparelle, Correction Labor Foreman also assisted with the tour. Jeff Rockovan, Communicatons Director gave permission for picture taking and article. Over the course of four weeks, the inmates were transported to the trails sites to brush & trim the trail. Dennis Barndt, Chuck Gardner and Tim Capparelle supervised and guided the work crews. They completed approximately 4 miles of trail brushing from Gillentown Trailhead to Clarence and the road to the Moshannon Community Center. The pictures demonstrate how much work was completed by these workers and what a big difference it made for the safety of the trail users. Their energetic work efforts and pleasant attitudes made each day a winner. This program excells and demonstrates good use of resources. Thank You Rockview Correctional Facility!