Friday, July 24, 2015

13th Annual Best Line Powersports-SSRT Chicken BBQ

The event was held on Saturday, July 18,2015. However, the motor-homes started arriving Wednesday night prior to the event. Fred Lingle helped prepare the parking lot so everyone could park most efficiently. All the overflow parking areas were utilized too. Mike Getz and his youngest daughter CC, Fred Yearick and wife Missy, along with JP and Dave Walker came to represent Best Line Powersports. The chicken was prepared by Chris Vangor family & friends-wow-what great chicken it was!! (Check out Kyle Vangor crashed out in the truck after a long night of cooking.)We want to thank all of our volunteers that helped man the various stations. It takes alot of good volunteers to make an event such as this a success. Of course everyone loved Jack's ice cream and thank you Lyn for the Apple & Cherry Crisp. Thank you all!! It was great to see Amanda McCartney stop by and support the event too. We also gained a new corporate sponsor, Rider Insurance Agency out of New Jersey. We sure enjoyed Kevin's company. Lot's of compliments on the new pavilion-you could enjoy sitting down and eating a meal out of the hot sun. Many more improvements to come. Best Line supports this event and we could not do it without them-THANK YOU!!