Wednesday, June 3, 2015

TRAIL NOTICE 06-03-2015

Snow Shoe Township Supervisors advise that the gas company is working in the middle of the hill on Kato road on the Orviston Side of the creek. There will be many delays and possibly shut downs of the road for hours. The area is very narrow and the gas company is willing to work with us to get through. However, there may be times that it not be possible.

So, please be patient with the gas company as they can shut the road down completely for the length of time to complete the job, if they want too.  We do not want that to happen. They are working with us as an atv organization.

The Snow Shoe Rails to Trails is asking it's members to understand the importance of this project and to have patients with the contractor. We need the Kato Bridge once this project is completed.

Thank you,
Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Officers