Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cruise for Cure - 2015 Photos

CMATVA coordinated the Cruise for Cure event for 2015. The money raised goes towards fighting cancer. A group of balloons were let go in memory of those that passed due to cancer. What a great moment it was for all those of us that have a loved one that had passed fighting this terrible disease. A 60 mile atv ride was held in coordination with DCNR, CMATV and many others. Then, on Sunday, a private landowner also took us on another ride on his property for seveal hours. What a great tour that was too, just Awesome. The CMATVA officers, volunteer staff deserve so much credit for the time to schedule and hold such a great event. Thank you also to the number of vendors that supported the evnet too. So many good people supporting the cause.

View photos from this event, click here.