Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Legal ATV Roads In Philipsburg Posted

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails posted a few roads in Philipsburg legalizing the use of roads for atvs/utvs. Richard street and Richard Street Spur was posted earlier by Andy Basalla and Larry Mayes and today the trail starting posting roads in South Philipsburg. 

We want to thank Dave Crane from the Reliance Fire Company for helping to maintain traffic flow while the crew was installing signs. Volunteers were Ken Rowles, Patrick Warefield, Ed Thomas and Larry Mayes. 

We hope everyone will pay attention to the signs  and obey speeds when riding your atv or utv in any of the areas where the signs have been installed. We are fortunate enough to have these roads legalized so now it's up to the users to keep them. 
Thank you,
Rails to Trails Officers