Monday, May 18, 2020

Black Bear Trailhead Work Detail

On Saturday, May 16, 2020, the SSRT had plenty of volunteers to work along Casanova Road from Black Bear Trailhead to Black Moshannon Park. This five mile section of road was posted for atv/utv use. The volunteers collected a pick up load of trash. We had numerous people stop by and thank the crew for collection the trash. We had numerous thumbs up for posting the road with atv signs. Now, everyone, please obey the signs and laws. This is a wonderful connection to Black Moshannon Park and we want to provide a positive economic impact on the area. No you cannot ride atvs from your Black Moshannon Park campground to Casanova Rd and no you cannot ride anywhere else in the park except Casanova Road where posted and McCord Road where posted. This does connect us to Philipsburg legally on an atv/utv. Thanks to all our atv/utv volunteers who collected the trash along newly legalized atv/utv roads.