Sunday, December 23, 2018

Connecting Bloody Skillet to Renovo and Renovo to Whiskey Springs

This is the latest updated map of the DCNR trail connecting Bloody Skillet to Renovo and Renovo to Whiskey Springs. It was presented to us at the North Central Initiative Committee Meeting in Lock Haven on December 14, 2018. We pushed hard to get this section of trail done now instead of waiting till later. Connecting Snow Shoe Rails to Trails to the entire trail system is important economically for all areas on both ends. There are so many people to thank for this trail system. DCNR Secretary Dunn, Mike Hanna Sr. & Mike Hanna Jr, Bureau of Forestry Jason Albright, CMATVA & SSRTA, Clinton & Centre County Commissioners, Clinton County Economic Development Association. CMATVA is working hard north of Renovo connecting township roads to Coudersport and beyond. Eventually, the plan is to ride from Philipsburg to New York. The Bloody Skillet to Renovo and Renovo to Whiskey Springs is to be open for the Spring of 2020. Then, the connection to New York is to be completed by 2024.
Secretary Dunn started a feasibility study for this section of trail. Then Public Input Meetings were held at Lock Haven University, Afterwards, Mike Hanna Jr recommended to get the trail into Governor Wolf's budget. So, Mike Hanna Sr was successful at doing so. We were told in the meeting December 14 by our new representative Stephanie Borowicz, that she is supportive of the trail and looks forward to working with everyone on it.
The SSRTA met recently with Bob Brown to make a connection around the viaduct bridge. He understands our interest and needs for this connection but has two more reclamation projects to complete first. The SSRTA would like to build a connection around the future project so more discussions still to be held.
Thank you all for your support of atv clubs.