Monday, October 22, 2018

Roadway Trash Collection in Rush Township

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails  had a very successful day Saturday, October 20,2018, collecting trash along Casanova Road, Casanova Spur, Chestnut Road and Coaldale Road. We got the dump site cleaned up that was pointed out to us by Rod Fye(Centre County Recycling and Refuse.)

We collected two couches/love seats, 6 tires, 53 bags of trash, several pieces of metal and lot's of glass and a tv. This was enough trash to fill one of the larger dump trucks for Rush Township. 

We had a total of 28 volunteers with a total of 224 manhours of work time.
We want to thank Rush Township Supervisors and staff for helping to coordinate this project. 
We want to thank Centre County Probation for additional manpower to help with this work. We want to thank Centre County Recycling and Refuse(Rod Fye)for his help identifying a trash dump site needing cleaned up and also for supplying the SSRT with some items for the cleanup. Last, the officers and directors of the SSRTA want to thank it's members for coming out and helping with this project. It was so nice to see so many volunteers. Great job done by everyone!!!