Friday, September 14, 2018


MCD Logs is now cutting trees along the trail for Headwaters Trust. They will be logging out from Tarman Crossing to the Black Moshannon Bridge. Please use caution when riding in this area. They will be working from Mile Marker 50 to Mile Marker 53. There will be trucks on the trail hauling the wood out and wood skidders crossing the trail too. Please use caution in this area.

We have notified the company spokesperson that all tree limbs should be removed from trail daily and all trees should be cut off at ground level within our right of way.
The SSRTA will be working with the logging crew to put the trail back to it's original condition once the logging is completed.

They will Not be working on the trail from Septemeber 26 through 30 in conjunction with our Pig Roast.

Any safety issues can be reported to the SSRT or email:
SSRT Executive Officers