Thursday, May 17, 2018

Work Details on the Bloody Skillet Trail May 15th-16th

Snow Shoe Rails to Trails volunteers showed up in bunches again this year to performed work details on the Bloody Skillet Trail. The rain may have slowed us down on a few things but did not stop us from getting the trail ready for opening day. We worked on top the 2nd day and then worked on the connector trail the 3rd day. There was a large tree that needed to be cut from the switchback. Brad Holdren cut the tree from above and Kraig Haines cut the limbs into smaller pieces from below. Everyone else was carrying and removing the tree limbs. Gary Halsnik and Barry Armstong worked to brush the part of the connector trail from Kato Road to the railroad bed. We also collected some trash from along the Kato Road. Bob Fitterling provided the group some guidance along the way to where we needed to looked for fallen trees. He was going to work with a dozer operator to grade the connector trail down to the Orviston Parking Lot. They were also going to work on one of the other black areas too. Hopefully, they will have time to bring the dozer down over the switchback from DeHaas to the railroad as it is washing out and could use some attention too. We would also like to see some dirt left behind on all the turns as bumping blocks to prevent people from going over on the turns. Thank you again to all the volunteers for a job well done. Thank you to all the atv/utv users for taking out what you bring in as this was definitely the least amount of trash removed from the trail since we have been working here.