Monday, September 18, 2017

Line Painting - Black Bear Trailhead

Work Detail:
Usually every two years the SSRTA paints the caution lines on the Casanova Road near the Black Bear Trailhead. This is the area where the atvs/utvs cross the road. While this year we were rained out when it was originally scheduled. So, Volunteers Gary Halsnik, George Holt, Larry Mayes scheduled help from the Philipsburg Fire Department and Fire Police to assist with Traffic control and to do the job on Monday, September 18, 2017. We met at the Black Bear Trailhead to develop our plan for the day. Dave Crane & Jim Fowler from the Fire Department and Fire Police placed cones/flares signs - Men Working. Then the other volunteers cleaned the pavement, taped the area and the painting was underway. After a few hours of Dave & Jim directing traffic, we moved to the opposite site of the road and completed it. One of the vehicles traveling through was candidate for Centre County Judge, Brian Marshall. Brian introduced himself and we all did the same. Of course he wanted to know what organization we all belonged to and wanted us to explain what we were doing and why. He was very interested in each individual and what we had to say. After a brief talk, Brian was on his way.

After Brian left, we all discussed how nice it was that he stopped in and how interested he was in what we were doing. Seems like a very nice man.