Monday, August 3, 2015

Snow Shoe Rails to Trail members atv in Colebrook New Hampshire

It was at the 2014 Chicken BBQ that Colleen & Rich Randolph suggested an atv trip to Colebrook New Hampshire. So, the planning began-a weeks stay at the Colebrook Country Club & Hotel. Here we had direct acces to several restaurants, gas stations and stores. Darren & Heather Little, Jesse, and Jennifer Hurley(realtor - 603-340-5511) guided us on a 76 mile tour that included scenic water falls, creeks, woods trails and wind towers and a moose with her baby. We also visited Mettalik Cemetary. (This is where Mettalik atv club got their name.) We saw Dix's Notch and the Balsams. On one of the days, we traveled to Mt. Washington-Motorcycle Ride to the Sky Day. We could see snow on the mountain and it is 6, 288ft above sea level. Next days ride included a visit to Bear Rock atv rentals. Wow, what a selection of atvs, utvs to rent. Self serve gas is available with a credit card along the trail. New Hampshire Govenor Maggie Hassan is building a state wide atv trail system with more than 1000 miles. Atv Clubs are making local connections to this main trail system and helping to maintain it. New Hampshire State Insures the private landowers and atv clubs. If you decide to give New Hampshire a go-you won't be disappointed! Their motto is: "Live Free or Die" which even translates to your own decision whether to wear a helmet or not. Your choice.

View photos from this ride, click here.